11 tips for choosing a perfect dining table

Rectangular or oval?  Marble or wooden or glass? Classic or modern?  Surely, there are numerous factors to consider when choosing a perfect dining table that will suit your needs while adding charm to your home décor. Certainly, the place where you sit comfortably and enjoy food and memorable moments, needs to be chosen wisely.A well-designed dining space with a perfect dining table surely spells a functional style statement. From the shape, size to the type of material, several points need to be considered while selecting a dining table design for your home.

  1. Material: There are numerous options,including glass, wooden, metal, and marble, etc.,for the type of material you would like to use for your dining space. Surely, use, style, ease of care,and price are prime considerations while finalizing the material. Dining tables featuring durable and sturdier bases and support along with the affordable tag are the preferred choices.
  • Glass- A glass dining tablesurely looks pretty and compliments several decors. Also, glass tops add more elegance while making your dining space bright and reflective. They are easy to clean. However, glass tops need to be handled carefully, as theycan quickly get cracks or scratches.
  • Wood- A wooden table surely will last long. Wood dining tables are easy to repair and durable as well. However, sometimes wooden dining tables are hard to match and fit with the already decorated spaces. If you want to go for a dining table with wooden material, prefer hardwoods includingteak, walnut, shisham, pine, rosewood, oak, or mahogany.
  • MDF- MDF (medium density fiberboard is another durable and easy to clean option.
  • Granite and quartz tabletops also offer an elegant look and add charm to contemporary style decors. They are easy to clean and maintain.

There are many more options. You can weigh durability, usefulness, affordability, and style and choose the right type of material that will suit your needs and budget.

  1. Shape-Oval-shaped or rectangular table tops go well with a rectangular room. However, if you have a square room, square or circular tabletops are the best-suited options. Square table tops give a spacious and open feel to the dining area. Circular table tops fit well even in a compact area and can accommodate many people. Also, any kind of chair complements a circular table. A long, rectangular-shaped table can be a great match with benches.

3.     Seating size: a dining table must be comfortable for diners. So, you need to think about seating size, which will allow the number of peopleto sit and eat comfortably. There must be enough room to walk around it. If you are a little pushed up for space, go for a small table such astwo seater table that can seat up to four. If you have a family of four and enough space, you can go for 6 seater option instead of 4 seater dining table, as you can have space for four guests. If you have enough space and budget, an 8-seater dining table can give a luxuriouslook to your dining space.

  1. Space – A dining table should fit your dining area well. Therefore, considering the space that it will occupy is an important consideration. The table should allow you to move through the spaces surrounding it easily.
  2. Style and design- while selecting a dining table, you also need to think about the overall style of your home interior. Suppose you have a classic style featuring a 70s interior design. In that case, you can give a classy touch with modern elegance by choosing a wooden dining table and chairs featuring modern designs.

6.     Use- Considering how you use your dining table is another important consideration. Large tables with sturdy and durable material which are easy to clean and maintain are the best options if your dining table is consistently used by the entire family. You can go for decorative and delicate pieces if your dining table is used less frequently. Also, lightweight tabletops are the best-suited options if you live in a rented space. If you are looking for outdoor use, tables featuring plastic materials can be a good option. If you want to use it as a dining and workspace, go for comfy yet functional dining table designs to suit your purposes.

7.     Type of seating- You can go for a complete set featuring a table and matching chairs or add exclusivity to your dining space with mix match options. You can select seating options and add benches /chairs or a mix of chairs and benches to save space and add style to your dining area.

  1. Table finish- If you are looking for a soft, cool, and crisp look, you can choose a glossy or matttable finish. On the other hand, a clear glass tabletop will let you create a modern, fresh seating space. Wooden or timber finishes create a comfy, cozy touch to your dining space. A frosted glass top can give a calming, soft, and luxurious look to your dining space.
  2. Theme of your room- depending on the theme of your room, you can go for black and white/ bright colored/retro style options to complement your home décor. Grey, brown, and black are trendy options.
  3. Price – The dining table priceis an important aspect of choosing the right dining table. Depending on your needs, you can go for mix and match options that will suit your budget. Weigh the price and quality to choose the best option. You can also check the options in the dining table online to get the best deals.
  4. Base- Not only aesthetics, considering the base of your new dining table is an important factor. A pedestal base is a good option if you want to maximize seating on a small table. It will free up space in a small room. Pedestal seating will offer more legroom.

To conclude, several factors need to be considered while choosing the perfect dining table. The dining table design should complement your décor; provide a comfy dining space while working as an effective centerpiece. So, jot down your requirements, weigh all available options to get the best available option that will match your needs and budget, and make your gatherings memorable.