2 Carpentry Ideas for Your Home That Won’t Break the Bank

Everyone wants a snazzy home set up, and it is even better when you can gloat to your friends about how you put it all together yourself! Doing DIY carpentry work for your home can make a huge difference in your home and your pocket. Here are two home carpentry ideas that you can execute on a budget.

Shadow Boxes

Shadow boxes add some great storage and elegant wall décor to any room. All you need is a few standard planks of wood and a way to cut them to size. Some nails and a hammer for fastening the pieces together are super cheap and easy to find if you don’t have any already. The great thing about shadow boxes is that you can get creative and make more than just a simple four sided box. You can easily make triangle or hexagon shaped shadow boxes to give your room some extra flair. At the cost of just a few small pieces of wood and some small tools, this is a great bargain piece for any room in your home. If you’d like to go further with carpentry then consider fitted wardrobes as an option, whilst shadow boxes are a great beginning project you may need a bit more experience in order to start looking at creating your own wardrobes. Remember that if all else fails then consider hiring a professional carpenter to help with more skilled joinery projects, Eastwoods Carpentry can help with a large number of carpentry works across the UK.

Multi-purpose cube table

This is another great item that can be made with the same concept as the shadow box. Just get four thick, sturdy, large planks of wood, and secure them together in a square or rectangular shape. Because you are dealing with some larger pieces of wood you may need to have some heavy duty tools such as an electric saw and a nail gun. Luckily these tools can usually be rented for an affordable price, and you will be saving on the cost of wood due to the simplicity of this design. Once your piece is secured together it can be used as a simplistic wooden table for the living room, a side table for next to the couch, or if you add some cushions to the top you can have extra seating for guests. Not to mention having a little extra storage space in the empty centre of your cube.

Just because you are working on a budget does not mean that your home décor has to suffer. If you can just muster up some motivation to get your hands dirty an get to work then you can create a comfortable and stylish home filled with your own personal creations. So get moving and style up your home with some funky shadow boxes and multi-purpose tables.