3 Actions You Need to Take On A Gurgling Toilet

Your toilet making a gurgling sound, whether at the end of a flush or at random times, may be something new to you. Or maybe you’ve heard it before, but didn’t pay that much attention to it. Fortunately, there are plumbing problems you can take steps to prevent, or you can fix on your own because the repair is simple enough. Depending on what’s causing it, a gurgling toilet could fall into that category. 

However, if the cause of the gurgling noise is something complicated or you don’t feel comfortable handling the repair work yourself, then by all means call an emergency plumbing Sydney contractor. Before you do so, though, here are a few things you’ll want to do about the toilet. 

Plunge the Toilet to Unclog It

If your toilet is clogged, check the other toilets – not to mention other fixtures – in your house. If only that one toilet seems to have a problem, then using a toilet plunger on it should do the trick. Give it several good plunges and see if that dislodges the clog. If it doesn’t, try snaking the line or use an auger to try and break up the clog.

If a toilet clog is the cause for the gurgling, you can keep it from happening again in the future. Just remember not to flush anything that isn’t waste or toilet paper; feminine hygiene products, Q-tips, and anything plastic can and will block your toilet, so make sure your family knows to throw those in the bin.

Check the Tank

It could be sediment build-up that’s causing your toilet to gurgle, and checking the tank should tell you if this is the case. Take note of the colour of the inside walls of the tank, as well as the colour of the water. If they’re not the colour they should be, that’s a sign that you’re dealing with sediment build-up. 

When minerals in your water – namely iron, calcium, or magnesium – form deposits on the sides and bottom of the toilet’s tank, they can eventually keep water from entering the tank when you flush. This in turn will cause the fill valve to sputter or gurgle. Fortunately, righting this problem is as simple as cleaning the tank thoroughly with a scrubbing brush and bleach-based solution.

Turn On Faucets

Air pockets in your plumbing could be another reason your toilet makes a gurgling sound, and if this is the case, you should hear similar sounds coming from the taps, too, not just the toilet. 

If this happens, pinpoint all the taps that are on the same water line, then turn them on. Keep them on until the sputtering stops, then turn them off. Then pay attention to the gurgling toilet from before; if air pockets did indeed cause the gurgling, it shouldn’t make that sound anymore once the air is gone from your pipes. If not, then it’s the pipes themselves that have a problem. 

If none of these DIY fixes work, don’t hesitate to call a professional, because the longer you wait, the problem could worsen and become more difficult to fix. Make sure to consult the best plumbing company you can find in Sydney.