3 Signs to Look Out for that Prove You Need New Windows

Do you remember the last time you checked on your windows? If they are made of wood or aluminum, you might need to address them on a timely basis. If you have been living in a place for more than 20 years, then they may need an upgrade and there are easy ways to check for the same. Windows improve the curb appeal of your home, increase the amount of natural light flowing in and enhances energy efficiency. If your windows are damaged, it can be a security issue and can hamper the overall comfort of your home. It is important to determine if your windows need replacement by Cartier Renovations or just a mere repair. Look out for the following signs.

  • High energy bills

Stand next to your windows on a winter day. Check if it feels cold. Touch the windows, if they are cold, then consider the investment a waste. Now, grab a candle and hold it by your window frame and move it around each corner. If the candle flickers, then drafts are flowing in via your windows. Damaged windows have light coming in via the frame. Imagine if your windows were sealed, your home could have been really warm from the inside. As the temperature plummets in the winter and rises in the summer, your heating and cooling bills will prove the same. Consider fixing these older windows by replacing them with the ones that have argon and low emissivity or LoE glass to save on the heating bills.  

  • Window operation

Walk around your home to open and close every window for inspecting its smooth operation. If it needs a tad bit of force to open or if they are painted or swollen shut, then replace them. Wood windows are really a bad choice for the same. Opening them is not only a chore but they should aim at being opened or closed effortlessly.

  • Soundproofing

Stand quietly by the window and wait for a car to pass by. If you are able to hear it coming down from street, know that your windows need soundproofing. Single or double pane windows will transfer the sound vibrations from the street and into your home. Before you are aware of it, all the noise accumulates and puts a halt to all the peace and quiet. The perfect energy efficient windows are all you need to absorb these sound waves before they permeate your home.