6 Tips to choose the best paint tools

Painting your house is one of the least expensive ways to freshen up the look of your house.

However, choosing the right paint tool among the wide range of paint tools available is certainly one of the crucial tasks one could ever find.

Here are some tips for choosing the best paint tools. Walk through these tips to buythe best quality paint tools online.

  1. The Right Brush

The type of brush you use must be the best as it is an essential tool for decorating.There are two types of brushes. These may vary in size from 1 – 4 inches.

  • Synthetic brush –It is suitable for water-based material as it does not absorb moisture.
  • Natural bristle brush – It appliesevenly and not leaves any brush marks in its trail. Henceforth it is the best choice.

  1. The Right Scraper

It takes a lot of effort and muscular work for removing paint from the manual scraper. The scraper should have a stiff blade that can be resharpened many times and is effective in removing paints. When applying putty or spackling paste flexible blade knives are best.

For a good choice of blade 1 or 1-1/2 inches, stiff blade and comfortable handle must be considered.

  1. The Right Roller

For choosing the Right Roller one should know about what kind of surface you’ll be painting.Best can be chosen by following below-mentioned guidelines.

  • For smooth or fine surface as a new wall, wood doors, ceiling ¼ inch nap should be considered.
  • For smooth to light-textured walls, 3/8 inch nap should be considered.
  • For walls and medium rough surfaces such as textured plaster½ inches nap should be considered.
  • For rough surfaces such as textured wall and ceiling, ¾ inches nap should be considered.

  1. The Right sandpaper

Sandpapers are available at various sizes.Deciding which is useful for you is quite essential. Common sandpaper sizes are discussed below.

  • 40 to 80 Grit sandpaper used for rough sanding and removing stick quickly
  • 100 to 150 Grit sandpaperused for removing the old varnish.
  • 180 to 220 Grit sandpaper used for removing scratches for lightly sanding between coats of paints.
  • 320 to 400 Grit sandpaper used for light sanding between coats of finish and metal.

  1. The RightLadder

The ladder that is strong and stable but lightweight should be chosen.Following points should be kept in mind

  • 4 rungs down the top are the highest safest standing point.
  • Should be used on a level stable ground.
  • 3-4 feet higher should be maximum reaching height.

  1. The Rightmetal tray

The choice of the right metal tray is must if you are using a roller. Use disposable paint inserts for different colors. To remove excess paint before rolling it on your wall,dip your roller in the paint then back and forth on the ribbed slanted surfaceof the metal tray.

Not only this but also this metal tray has legs that can hook to your ladder which comes in handy while painting high on a ladder.

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