7 ideas to remodel your kitchen

Times change and with it also fashions and designs. We cannot expect that what we built 10 years ago is still a trend today. You always need to reinvent yourself to be able to stand out from the heap. Remodeling your kitchen is a good investment that you can appreciate in the short term, but which, in some cases, can be quite expensive. Making small renovations over time is one of the best (and most intelligent) ways to keep the kitchen of your new apartment remodeled and fashionable. Then, here are some simple and inexpensive ways to remodel your kitchen as they were given by Renovco rénovation.

#1: Scrape and paint

If you are lucky enough to have wooden cabinets, remove the paint or the old finish. Then, paint them the color you like and the one that matches the rest of your kitchen. Another good idea is to change the doors and fronts of the drawers, so we do not spend that much money, and we get a good result.

#2: Apply molding

Apply moldings from your local home improvement store to the tops of your cabinet for a classic and updated look. The molding and other details of the cabinet is a trend that never seems to go out of style.

 #3: Splash guard

Buy a panel and use it to avoid splashing the wall of your kitchen; it also gives a very elegant touch. While it depends on the color and model, no matter which you choose, the change will be noticed at first glance. But be sure to use a quality paint that can be easily washed! If you feel that the panel does not match the style of your kitchen, then you can try a tile. The tile is a utensil, in addition to a beautiful decoration, which serves against splashes that occur in the kitchen as it is water resistant and easy to clean.

#4: Towel rail

Install one or more iron rods on the wall, about 6 to 8 inches below your cabinets. Use the rod to hang towels, kitchen utensils or pots. You can use the big S-hooks on the rod to hang the pots or utensils. This simple, practical utensil gives a different touch to your kitchen.

#5: Add color

Add color to white cabinets by simply getting the frames painted red or the favorite furniture color that contrasts with the decor. Put them in front of the cabinet. You can add images to the boxes if you wish or leave them as just a graphic element. Adding color to the kitchen can be even easier than that: try adding new towels, a carpet or accents on the counter. Not only is it easy to do, it’s also a good way to “try” new colors without committing to new paint. 

#6: Board

Do you have children? What if you use small boards so that they can write and leave messages? There are refrigerators with doors where you can write since the entire door has a material similar to that of a slate.

#7: Use tile

If you do not want tiles on your entire splash panel, use terracotta tiles or pavers in a strip, rectangle or square design. Go to your local store of your choice and choose the one you think most matches your kitchen, do not forget to check the material, so it does not break down so soon.