7 Tips to Clean Gutters in An Easy Way

Are your gutters clogged? Do you need to give it maintenance as soon as possible? Well, then do not miss these tricks to have them in the best possible way.
Cleaning the gutters of your home is something very important. However, many times, it is forgotten. Generally, this happens, because of course, it is something that you do not have in sight and it does not cause problems until a rain breaks out. This is why it is so necessary to do it; the ideal is to prepare in advance.

If you know that rain is coming (especially from the strongest) and you want to prevent water from entering your home (ruining walls and furniture) you should leave the gutters and water drops clean, it is the only way to work properly. Here are some tips from Zachs Power Washing to help you easily clean your gutters.

#1: Clean them twice a year

That is the minimum regularity with which you have to clean your gutters. If you live in a zone of heavy rains or you have trees very close, you should do it more often. It all depends on how many leaves are accumulated. Forgetting to clean them can also result in the rotting of debris, which attracts ants and mosquitoes.

#2: Take care of your safety when cleaning them

It is very important that you have a high ladder and in good condition to avoid accidents. Also, if you can get, a harness would be ideal. Imagine how dangerous it can be to fall from the roof without protection. Try to do this activity always accompanied by someone below who can reach what you need; never do it alone.

#3: Use the right tools

In addition to a ladder, you will need grippers, small nozzle vacuums, broom, brush, hose, mask, gloves, scissors, shovel and spatula. Depending on how you want to clean; some materials will be more necessary than others.

#4: Do not neglect the accessories

Do not forget that when you climb the roof if you have not had maintenance, you may notice that there are some breaks, so it is also important that you have at hand screws, rivets, a wick and other tools to fix it.

#5: Prevent everything you can

Since you are going to climb on the roof, take the time to do all the necessary work to improve the functioning of your sewers. An excellent idea is prevention. You can install special mesh or mesh fabric for these tasks. Not with economic, but it is an expense that you can face, mainly if you live in an area with lots of trees.

#6: Prepare for the task

The first thing is that you should know that if you are afraid of heights, this task is not for you, nor can you try, it can be very dangerous. Start by saving all the necessary tools in a special drawer, with which you will upload. Do not forget that it is always common to forget something, and that is what your assistant will be, who should be attentive to help you.

#7: Rinse well when finished

When you removed all the leaves, seeds, roots and any other element that blocked your gutters, rinse with a hose, so you can remove dust and other small items that you could not get out with your hands.