A 5-Step Approach to Condominium Design for Beginners

Nowadays, condos are becoming smaller in size and as a result condo owners are finding difficulty in maximizing the space usage in their home.

No doubt that in Singapore, this is the reason that interior designers are enjoying high popularity presently. Only the right and the most talented professionals can address these issues and come up with the right solutions. The process to maintain the aesthetics of a condo is a very tricky one. So, if you are a condo owner and looking for the right professional service for proper interior designing then the following information is for you.

The reason the professional interior designing services are opted for is that they have a lot of experience and expertise when it comes to condo designs. There are a lot of differences in designing the condo, it is not like designing apartments of HDBs. The professionals working on condos need to be well trained and aware of the regulations. Only then they can offer the right results.

Bringing out the maximum space from the condos is also something that they are experts in. Considering all these aspects it can be guessed that they are the right ones for the whole assignment. Choosing a good small condo interior design ideas is essential for a start. We have condensed a list of 5 important tips that will help you on your renovation journey!

Awareness of Renovation Guidelines

There are certain guidelines when it comes to condo renovations and designs that are set by your condo’s management. You have to check if your interior designer is aware of these guidelines or not. Checking for your designer’s certifications is also important!

How Will the Renovations be Carried Out? 

Have a direct discussion with the designer. He is the best one to tell you what kind of design will suit your condo according to the space. Also, from your part, you will be able to share the kind of plans and expectations that you have. Accordingly, a plan agreeable with both parties can be worked out, which is important before starting on renovations!

Getting a Quotation for your Renovations

In case of the old condos the price is considerably higher than the new ones. The main reason behind this is that for the old ones, the renovation cost is higher since the designer must accommodate for more extensive works in older buildings. On the other hand, the new ones have less damage or need less maintenance works so they will be cheaper.

How Should you Create Space?

The primary thing to consider for the interior designing is that the whole process has the aim of creating space and utilizing it efficiently. Using mirrors or partitions is a good way to personalize your home, so check out the designer’s portfolio to find out more.

Using the Right Lights

Lighting also makes a big difference in creating the right atmosphere for your home. Speak with your designer or a lighting professional about possible ideas and designs of lightings available. They have all the expertise and resources to meet your lighting needs. Visit SpaceFactor if you need design inspiration for your condominium home today!