A Budget-Friendly Kitchen Makeover Method

Cupboard Love

Do you sometimes walk into your kitchen and think – ‘this could do with a makeover but how can I possibly justify or afford a few thousand pounds for a new refit?’

Think again…

Simply Scrub

Get those rubber gloves on, purchase a few cleaning products and allow yourself a morning to declutter surfaces, wash down cupboard doors and bleach the sink. Not forgetting toaster crumbs, the microwave (we all have an exploded baked bean somewhere) and the dreaded oven which has seen better days.

Pick products to take the hard work away from yourself. For example, oven cleaners can be left sprayed on overnight and an easy wipe and rinse off you are on to a winner. Alternatively, you may have the cleaning solutions amongst your cupboards. A cheaper way can be to use ‘home-made products which include items like lemon, vinegar and baking soda which have amazing cleaning properties. Visit https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/home/cleaning/tips/a24885/make-at-home-cleaners/ for some simple recipes.

Perfect Painting

Keep the rubber gloves to hand and sugar soap the daily grease and grime from walls and tiles. Then take yourself off to the local hardware store. Choosing the right type of paint will assist future cleaning episodes and bathroom and kitchen paint is ideal for the job in hand. Whilst this may seem a more expensive way to decorate than other paint, in the long run it’ll stand the test of time being easily wipeable and more resilient to cleaning products.

If your kitchen size and layout lends itself, a contrast coloured wall can be aesthetically pleasing, for example https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/133208101458651275/
Otherwise stick to the neutral colours and use tester pots to see what suits.

Funky Flooring

Tiles and grout can get dreary. Get down on your hands and knees and give them a decent clean, with a wire brush, removing any loose grout. Simple re-grout your flooring with a contrast or matching colour to take on a new life under foot.

Alternatively, changing your lino (or covering over old tiles) to move with the times is a quick and cost affective idea.

Keep the Carcass

The most noticeable kitchen item (especially if in a state of disrepair) is cupboards and drawers. Loose handles, damaged or dropped doors and dirty kick-boards can be unsightly.

Generally kitchen carcasses have a longer ‘shelf’ life than the fronts themselves so a simple, affordable fix is by replacing kitchen cupboard doors.

There are numerous designs and colours you can choose from to match your existing work surfaces and chosen décor and plenty of places to purchase them either at a hardware store or online. https://www.kitchenrestoration.co.uk/kitchen-cupboard-doors/ is a great example of what is on offer.

Replacing kitchen cupboard doors shouldn’t be a hassle and most websites offer assistance to ensure you are satisfied and purchase what is necessary for your needs.