Air Conditioning Compressor: Why is It Used for?

The compressor is amongst the most important parts of your AC device. Not only does the compressor play an essential duty in the cooling procedure, but it likewise makes sure that the device works efficiently, as well as continuously. To comprehend how your AC system compressor functions, you must understand its location, upkeep, function, as well as repair service needs. Once you do, you’ll understand the link between your AC’s compressor, as well as normal cooling and heating system upkeep.



The compressor can be found in the exterior AC device, at the rear, or on the side of your house. Various other important parts within the outdoor device include the condenser, fan, and condenser coil.

The outdoor device attaches to the indoor component of your AC system through a copper cooling agent tube. As soon as connected, these two components work together to absorb hot air from within your residence, as well as transform it into great air.


To comprehend how the compressor functions, consider the cooling procedure for a split-system central air conditioning. The AC draws the warmth out of the air in your home, cools it over a set of cold pipelines, an evaporator coil, as well as launches the cool air right into your home. The evaporator coil stays chilly thanks to a liquid refrigerant that soaks up hot air and changes it to gas. This gas is then transferred outside to the condenser coil where the gas once more becomes a fluid. From this factor, the cycle proceeds.

How does the compressor match the picture? The compressor is in charge of relocating the cooling agent between the evaporator, as well as condenser coils, making certain that the refrigerant adjustments to fluid or gas as needed. You can think about the compressor as the heart of the AC system and the refrigerant as the blood. To this end, the compressor pumps the cooling agent through the system to maintain it to life, as well as running appropriately.


Preserving the compressor is important for the overall performance of the cooling device. Nonetheless, do not try to maintain this part yourself. During a service consultation, your heating and cooling specialist will examine the compressor for any kind of obvious failure or damage. Your service technology may likewise examine the compressor pads to ensure that the unit does not have any kind of electric troubles which could impact the compressor.

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