Be your own Designer with these 5 Layout Ideas for the Bertoia Chair

Harry Bertoia with his Italian background and experience in metal workshops amalgamated the two to produce his internationally recognized Bertoia Chair in 1952. For the last 60 years or so these timeless entities have made their way into countless homes, showrooms and interior design magazines. This well-fitting practical chair took its inspiration from the theories of body dynamics, making them a must-have addition within any home. Seating is an ideology that has to be very specific to the room it is being designed for, which is why a considerable amount of thought needs to be put into the final outcome. Take a look at the 5 ideas below to get to know how to install these fun yet artsy chairs into any household:

  1. Clean modern lines:


Harry wanted the Bertoia Chair to be embraced as being made of air, and the lightness and transparency are augmented in a setup as captured above. You can use an abundance of these chairs to truly glorify the room. Furthermore, the sculptural mesh build of these seats navigates them into the category of industrial yet artistic pieces that can be translated into dining rooms, join-kitchens, and communal spaces. Also, the use of singular polished models like circular hanging mirrors, simplistic wall art and a single-stemmed overhead lighting fixture you won’t let the attention deviate from the stunning character of the chairs. Even the table is kept relatively uncluttered and sparse but can be spruced up with vases, plants as well as minimalistic ornaments. Adding faux fur and a wooden dining table adds texture and warmth to a predominantly silvery hued environment.

  1. Create your own whimsical Garden of Eden:


Bending metal rods into practical art, the Bertoia Chair is a wonderful addition into this picture perfect scene of tranquility. In addition, this display beautifully showcases its delicate airy appearance whilst still fulfilling practical requirements with its remarkably durable frame. By complementing it with a partnering single-stemmed, thin-framed matching marble table you can make an ethereal safe haven perfect for picnics, brunches, as well as tea with the family. Nature related elements add a dimension of warmth to the entire picture. Also, the slim design of the chairs doesn’t make it seem too urban or disrupt the organic flow.

  1. Combine the old with the new:


The Bertoia Chair is a masterful chameleon when it comes to adapting within any interior space. It harmonizes beautifully with mid-century pieces in a relatively contemporary space to form an appealing fusion of eras. This tends to be quite visually appealing. Also, its form is available in polished black, gleaming silver as well as radiant white. Thus, it can fit in with any décor piece. Pictured above is a splendid example of how to set up a dining or commonly shared space that hosts articles. These can range from an array of time periods whilst they work together synergistically. The reason this setup works so well is that it follows the 50/50 rule of pairing the chairs with 21st-century lighting, brickwork, and mantles. In addition, it pairs the chairs with a large oak table with traditional candles, ornaments a touch of homeliness with the potted plant.

  1. A cozy little workspace:


The Bertoia Chair’s masterful craftsmanship was based primarily on promoting maximum comfort whilst delivering completely on aesthetic grandeur. Pictured above you can see how an all-white theme is an everlasting classic. You can always rely on it to shine through gorgeously. You can add a dash of charm by pairing this seat alongside different furniture pieces. It helps to achieve a casual yet cozy look that is more inviting than a more formal setup. You don’t want your snug corner to be busting with overcrowded and over the top furnishings. This is why placing fine and delicate tables, light fixtures, and humble art pieces are the way to go.

  1. A contemporary parlor:


The illustration above wonderfully depicts how a statement rug is a nice method utilized to define a seating area. The seating area features the Bertoia Chair as the main spotlight. The contrast between the zigzagged rug and starkly divergent floral arrangement adds a multidimensional flow to this arrangement. Whilst the chairs and hanging lamp shade are more subdued in nature, the assortment of textures adds a splash of complexity. They further add an intrigue that is undeniably attractive. There’s a subtle connection between the dark shades of the vegan leather and the dark undertones of the flooring. Consequently, they ensure that nothing is out of place.

The iconic Bertoia Chair is a décor piece that can upgrade any home when used appropriately. The samples above should prove useful to any homeowner when looking for layout inspiration.