Buying Ceramic Tiles for Home Decor – Here’s What you Need to Know About the Sellers

Ceramic tiles have become dream come true options for people who run on budget. But, at times, it turns out into a nightmare too. That happens when the tiles you purchase are of cheap quality. The demand for ceramic and porcelain has gone so high that some sellers also produce fake low quality products and sell them as pure ceramic. Which is why you should be very careful about the vendor you’re buying these tiles from. 

Wondering how you can actually find out if the seller you’re buying from is a genuine seller of high-quality ceramic? If yes, then we have the answers and we have listed them below. 

  1. Look at the Website

The first thing that a genuine seller would do is go digital. So, have a good look at the website. It will give you a very good idea about the variety that you can expect. Do read the testimonials. 

  1. Find out About the Showroom

If a seller you’re buying from doesn’t have a showroom, then that’s a red flag. Every elite seller like Ceramique au Sommet will have a showroom. In fact, when you send them a request for a quote, they’re the people who invite you to visit their showrooms, see and touch the texture and color of tiles, and then decide if you want to buy from them. 

  1. Pay Close Attention to Their Customer Support Services

A genuine seller values customers. The first thing to do is pick up the phone and make a call. A reputable company will answer all your queries. They’ll be in no rush to just waive you off. In fact, sending out emails to reputable sellers brings back the reply within 24-48 hours. 

  1. Look at Their Associations

If you find a seller associated with giant ceramic brands like Soligo, don’t hesitate for a minute. These brands associate only with the best sellers in the industry. 

Now that you know how to pick a seller of ceramic tile, we’d also like to give you an idea about the benefits of ceramic tiles and what you can expect when installing them. Have a look. 

  1. They will last at least for a decade with proper care. 
  2. Proper care is no more than regular mopping. No special solutions are required as such. 
  3. They are scratch resistant, waterproof, stain resistant, and abrasion resistant. 
  4. They come in every color you can point out in a rainbow. 
  5. They can also mimic the shade and texture of hardwood, softwood, as well as real stone. 

All in all, buying ceramic tiles for flooring from trustworthy sellers is a very good option to renovate the house within your budget.