Ceramic floor tiles: Are they worth the hype?

When it comes to picking tiles for the floor, things get tricky. Unlike the walls, floor tiles have to go through a lot. They endure not just your weight but that of the furniture as well.

Does it make you wonder what your options are? Well, in our opinion, floor tiles from Ceramique au Sommet serve the purpose better than most. Ceramic floor tiles offered by these sellers and a few alike are high-quality options that you must consider. 

Here’s an interesting post on the 3 amazing advantages of gracing your floor with the gift of ceramic floor tiles. Dive in!

  1. Ceramic floor tiles don’t surrender to impacts easily

Whether or not the floor can withstand impacts says a lot about the quality. Thankfully, high-quality ceramic tiles are extremely strong. They don’t crack or chip no matter how many times your kids barge inside the house and run outside. 

There’s only one thing you should consider: the color of ceramic floor tiles for the hallways. Try refraining from very light colors since they’ll get dirty very quickly. Although it’s very easy to clean ceramic tiles irrespective of their color, you’ll have to clean the lighter ones in the hallways many times in a day. So, pick the right color to save your time. 

  1. Ceramic floor tiles are perfect for bathrooms

Anything that’s porous is a suicide material for bathroom floors. Ceramic is the opposite of it: it’s non-porous to a very large extent. Thus:

  • It won’t absorb water. 
  • It will reduce the risk of slipping. 
  • It will not support the growth of fungus since it won’t let moisture settle inside the confines of the bathroom.
  1. Ceramic floor tiles are eye candies

Whether you’re choosing them for your bathroom, kitchen, hall, hallway, or even patio, ceramic floor tiles have an unparalleled variety. They’re available in stunning colours ranging from pale to bright. There are immensely unique patterns and designs and shapes too. 

In fact, ceramic tiles also come as mimics of real wood and real stone. Enticing, isn’t it? It won’t hurt you pockets in the slightest and you’ll still have luxurious interiors

Summing Up:

Ceramic floor tiles are very trendy, the variety is breathtaking too. But, you have to take care that the seller you’re buying from is reputable. Genuine, high-quality ceramic is hard to find. Only a limited few sellers like Ceramique Au Sommet are trustworthy. You can browse through the range of many options they offer.