Changing Your Restaurant Menu to Increase Profits

Did you know that you can improve profits of your business by simply changing your menu card design? A menu is one of the first ways for any business to establish a good reputation with guests. If the quality of your menu is poor, customers may be unable to trust the quality of your food and service. Follow these tips to modify your menu and increase your profits.

  • Your Prices Should End with 95 or 99

Ending your prices with 95 or 99 makes them appear cheaper. Customers are more likely to buy something that costs 199 than an item that costs 200.Psychologists say that the human brain registers the first digit immediately you see a number. It immediately decides if the price is reasonable or not.A number that starts with the number 2 obviously seems more reasonable than one which starts with the number 3.

  • Use Creative Dish Names

Even though customers will get into your restaurant because they are hungry, it does not hurt to make them hungrier. Think of names that make your dish sound more interesting. If the name of a dish is creative, customers are likely to want to try it out.

Consider hiring a content writer to help you write an appealing description for your dish. Even though it is possible to write a good description on your own, a content writer is likely to do a better job.

  • Do Not Use the Currency Symbol

Remove the currency symbol from your menu to encourage expenditure. If there is a currency symbol at the end of a price, the customer may feel like they are spending a lot of money. If you have only indicated the price, guests may not associate the number with money.

  • Don’t Forget Photos

Always include photos wherever possible. A lot of people make their decisions based on the visuals. Your photos should be as visually attractive as possible.Highlight the popular dishes in the menu and those that you would like to promote. Hire a professional photographer to help you come up with sharp and catchy photos.

Be careful not to go overboard with the photos. If the photos are overwhelming, they may repulse your guests. Have a bit of white space to complement the photos.

  • Understand the Needs of Your Customers

Your menu should be customised to meet the needs of your customers. Take time to research on your customers and the things that would appeal to them. It should motivate them to keep coming back. If, for example, your restaurant targets families, you should have separate menus for children and adults.

  • Add Some Freshness

Plenty of people are drifting towards organic and healthy food options.Add some fresh items on your menu. You should use fresh, locally sourced ingredients. It will not only make your foods healthier but also attract new customers and promote the local economy.Consider working with companies such as Dawnvale Group to come up with innovative solutions which may help in the hospitality industry. You can focus on your business while they help you increase profits.