Check Out These Packing Tips

Packing your entire life in several boxes can seem impossible and overwhelming to some people. However, when moving is the only option, there is nothing else you can do. You can make moving easy by packing your items well to maximize space, reduce damage and ensure you only have a few boxes. The following are packing tips you can try on your next move. They might even inspire you to help other people when moving.

Declutter First

Before you call your moving company for an estimate or start packing, declutter your home first. Decluttering means removing unnecessary items and only leaving the useful ones. A company like Drop A Box may ask to check your items before giving an estimate and advise on the size of truck you need. Therefore, throw away the useless things and donate the ones still in good condition.

Create a List

After decluttering, you can now create a list of the things left. Categorize the items based on the room and list them from the most important ones to the less important ones. Make sure you also set a deadline for every room. The list will indicate how much work is at hand and split the tasks, so you are ready with everything when moving day comes.

Pack Bit by Bit

If you have the time, pack bit by bit. That means packing a little today, a little tomorrow, and so on. Juggling work, moving, and other house chores might be challenging. That is why we recommend packing early to ensure you have ample time to handle everything without a rush. Of course, begin packing the items you will not need in between.

Recycle Packing Supplies

The best way to save money is to recycle packing materials instead of buying everything. For instance, you can collect some from the grocery store or nearby shop instead of buying boxes for free. You can also ask your friends to assist you with packages. Using your suitcase, drawers, and bags to pack some items is also a good idea. Use linen instead of buying a paper wrap to cushion fragile items and kitchen towels to wrap sharp objects like knives.

Take Pictures before Disassembling Electronics

You will need to disassemble some items like electronics before packing them. So, before you do that, take pictures so you will know how to assemble them later. Ensure you keep the parts together to avoid losing or mixing them up.

Keep a Box of Essentials

Another vital thing you must do is keep a bag of essential items. Make sure you have everything you frequently use within your reach. Essential items like toiletries, medication, phone chargers, a change of clothes, snacks, etc., should be put in one place.

Pack Hazardous Items Separately

Be reasonable enough not to pack hazardous materials and chemicals with other items. Flammable and dangerous materials like pesticides, batteries, fertilizers, bleach, aerosol, paint, etc., should be packed separately, away from household items.

To Wrap It Up

Now that you have these packing tips, you can breathe and start the process. Give everything time, one step at a time, and don’t be hard on yourself. You will have a hassle-free move if you know how to pack well.