Chemical Washing your Aircon Unit? Get Informed Now!

Common problems like leakages and bad odours are trademark signs of age and malfunction in your aircon unit. While these symptoms seem like cause for worry, they are not as scary as they seem! These complications arise mainly from areas where mold buildup has accumulated over the months of operation, and can easily be treated with chemical washing or cleaning by certified aircon technicians.

You might think “Huh. But I wash my aircon filters regularly, and it comes out pretty clean. What makes the chemical washing so different?”

Regular washing, however, cannot be a substitute for chemical treatment, which is precisely why we call on our reliable aircon servicing companies to save the day.

A Few Words About Chemical Washing

The process of aircon chemical washing is similar to using regular soap and water cleaning, only that it now uses chemicals instead to smoothen the process.

But what is different in this case is that it is more deep and more specialized. We also should not confuse it with chemical overhauling. In this case a specially made chemical is used rather than the usual cleaners, and is suited for thoroughly deep cleaning the fans, filters and recesses of your unit. Think of it as a full body check up at the doctors: you do not need it often, but having one every year or so works wonders.

Okay, so How Much Does It Cost?

The going rate for most chemical cleaning procedures by professional servicing companies are going for the rates mentioned below:

  • 1 Fan-coil will cost $ 80
  • 2 Fan-coil will cost $ 150
  • 3 Fan-coil will cost $ 210
  • And 4 Fan-coil and above will cost $ 65 per unit

Additionally, for the 5 fan coil units and more, you will need contact the company for a proper quotation. However, the benefits here are that if you stay under a maintenance contract, then the entire process of inspection can be done for free with a complimentary 90-day warranty! Having added reassurance for the job does not hurt right?

The Right Cleaning Options

The temperature controlling system has all the mechanical and moving bits that help keep you cool. They include the fins, filters, condenser, coolant and so on. All these parts are taken through the deep cleaning process. The whole system stays absolutely integrated and you can make sure of the proper performance post cleaning. If any part is not cleaned properly, then eventually that becomes the reason for its breakdown or malfunctioning.

There are different steps of the chemical wash system, the first being the cleaning process of the drainage tray, then comes the process of vacuuming of the drainage process, then follows the air filter purification process and finally comes inspection of the electrical contact and regulation of the discharge pressure and suction, pipe an coil cleaning and finally mechanical component lubrication. The whole process extends the life of the aircon as well, so make it a yearly practice if possible!