Cleaning Advice for Kitchen Countertops

Whenever it comes to maintenance, it is very likely to neglect your Comptoirs de cuisine Méga Comptoirs, yet these areas can be a haven for germs. By using these straightforward suggestions, you can ensure that you are getting the most out of your cleaning efforts.

Keeping Quartz Countertops Clean

Humans create the sturdy countertop material quartz. The countertop of your kitchen will be sturdy, heat-resistant, and last you for many years. Quartz still needs maintenance to maintain the appearance of its finest, though. Here are some pointers for maintaining a spotless countertop:

Utilize only cleaning solutions made especially for quartz surfaces

  • Use a non-corrosive household cleaner without ammonia, lemon, or bleach for daily cleaning since these substances might harm the quartz’s surface. You can also use an ammonia-free cleaning solution for general cleaning.
  • The majority of residues may be removed from your countertop using mild liquid detergent, warm water, and a soft cloth.
  • Clean spills off your quartz surface right away.

Quartz: Does it Stain?

Because quartz is a complex, non-porous material, liquids will not be soaked into your counter’s layer the way you would if you spilled on an untreated natural stone countertop like marble. Even though quartz counters have great stain resistance, some foods can still leave a mild to extremely light stain behind, making them far from stain-proof. Any spillage, dust, grease, or fats should be cleaned up right away to avoid colors from accumulating.

Tips for Countertop Preservation

  • Avoid setting hot objects straight on the rock surface after taking them off the oven or stove. Additionally, certain stones may shatter or discolor when used with heat-producing appliances like slow cookers. Always use a trivet or hot cushion to enable airflow underneath the hot object to protect your top.
  • To avoid scratching the stone countertop and dulling your knives, avoid cutting or slicing straight on it. Use a chopping board at all times.
  • To prevent stains and discoloration on your surface, use placemats and coasters.
  • Never sit or stand on a stone countertop. When too much pressure is applied, some stones may crack.

Is bleach safe to use on my countertop?

We do not advise using bleaching agents or other artificial cleansers to clean your countertops.

Should I be using any particular cleansers?

A quick process of mopping your counters with a clean cloth and lukewarm can eliminate most residue. You can add a basic liquid cleaning solution to the water if your counters are very dirty, but it is not usually necessary.