Commercial window cleaning for small businesses: Tips to consider!

Upkeep of your office building is not a choice. When someone enters into an office, they check the exteriors, overall appeal of the building, and that ‘someone’ could be a regular visitor or a potential client. Windows offer a view of the outdoors and bring in light and air, but glass is prone to dirt and grime, and maintenance can be a concern. It is absolutely important to consider commercial window cleaning services, and there are quite a few options. If yours is a small company that wants to hire companies Aquashine lavage de vitres, here are some tips that can be handy.

Review the basic aspects

As a new client, you can ask a few questions while looking for commercial window cleaning services. For example –

  1. Is the company licensed?
  2. Do they have insurance?
  3. Do they have an in-house team of experts and workers?
  4. What kind of other services do they provide?
  5. Will they offer an estimate for your premises in advance?
  6. If yes, are all costs covered in the price?
  7. How do they typically work?

These are basic questions that must be answered. Keep in mind that cleaning windows of a tall building is a task that involves considerable risk, and you want a company that’s well-versed with the possible aspects and is insured. Their workers must be insured and bonded for the job, and in case they end up causing damage to your office, the losses must be covered under general insurance.

Discussing the price

When it comes to commercial cleaning, small businesses are constantly thinking of money, and rightfully so. However, we recommend that you consider maintenance as a must instead of a routine. Think of this – you may lose clients and customers if your office premises are not maintained, and only a professional service can ensure that. Of course, ask for an estimate in advance, which should cover the cost of cleaning, supplies, taxes and other charges. If there are any additions, do get a detailed quote in advance.

As for cleaning routine, it really depends on your requirements. For instance, you can go for a yearly contract that includes window cleaning every month, or you can call a service as you need them – the choice is extremely dependent on the company’s cleaning needs. Some offices that are located close to busy areas need more frequent cleaning. Check online for commercial window cleaning services now.