Comprehensive Solutions for All Garage Door Concerns

When the automatic gate is defective, the first thing that crosses the owner’s mind is: is it worth repairing the garage door, or is it time to change it? To answer this question, it is essential to understand what caused the electronic door problem and evaluate the cost-effectiveness of repairing and keeping the old model or buying a new one. Of course, this is a matter for the experts in gate fabrication and restoration: Fazano Maintenance. Let us help you discover the best solution for your facade!

Reasons And Solutions For Garage Door Failure

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To identify the right time to change or repair the garage door like Safety Garage Door San Francisco for example, you need to understand the reasons for the failure. We have gathered the main causes and possible alternatives to solve each one of them, see:

My Automatic Door Has Stopped Working: What Now?

If your electronic door stops working, the main reason must be failures in the automation components (board, motor, fuse, control, or others). In that case, you need to ask for technical help to identify where the problem is. A blown fuse, for example, is easily resolved by replacing that part. However, when there are failures in the board, in the motor, or more than one component, it may be necessary to conduct a deeper analysis, to assess whether it is more advantageous to change the operator or carry out the automatic garage door repair or call Garage Door Repair Service for example. 

Locking, Noises, Or Delay To Open, What Could It Be? 

These are undoubtedly some of the most common causes for people to turn to electronic garage door repair. In general, the reasons why your gate locks or makes noises during activation are linked to a simple lubrication problem. In this case, analyzing which parts should receive lubricating oil will be necessary to optimize operation. But if the problem persists, it will be necessary to look at the engine components; the error could be there.

In addition, when the gate takes time to open, it indicates that the engine is not working well, either because of wear on some component or, mainly, because it is overloaded. In the latter situation, a common solution offered by professionals during maintenance is to add an engine to your door or replace the old model with a more powerful one; that is, garage door repair will not be efficient. 

Garage Door Replacement Or Repair: When The Problem Is In The Blade

If the problem with your gate is rust, wear, or any other type of situation that damages the blade, compromising the design and safety of your environment, there are two possibilities: restore or replace the plate. 

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If you prefer to change the model, it will be necessary to evaluate the need to change the operator to adapt to the new plate’s weight and type of opening.