Custom kitchens – designing your kitchen your way

We believe the first step in renovating your kitchen cabinets  is understanding how you and your family currently use it. Take a moment to think about a few things that you like about your current kitchen, what problems you have with it, and what would your ideal kitchen look like. This step is crucial for the functionality of your kitchen cabinets. To optimize the functionality of the space there are experts who look to integrate your unique needs for custom kitchen cabinets. For example, if you are a baker, custom-made kitchen cabinets are essential for more space and will be the better decision. If you are a frequent entertainer, you must accommodate accordingly. There are experts who evaluate your lifestyle to find the optimal balance between counter space, storage space, and open space specifically for your needs.

Cabinet Materials for custom kitchens

When it comes to cabinet materials and colors, there are many different options to choose from for your custom kitchen’s cabinets. The beauty of choosing to go with custom kitchens is that you can match any color whether you want to color match the kitchen cabinet with other spaces in your home, or finally get that perfect color you have been dreaming of. We help outline a few things to keep in mind when trying to pick a color, cabinet material, cabinet door material, and hardware. Our experts will also help guide you through this process.

Options for custom kitchens cabinets

When it comes to picking what cabinet boxes for your custom kitchens are made of you have a few options. Each material has its benefits.

  • Plywood consists of multiple layers of thin hardwood in alternating directions to prevent warping. The plywood panels for custom kitchen cabinets, typically come with a wood veneer that can be stained in any color with a protective spray coating to prevent water damage. The main benefit of going with plywood cabinet construction is durability as it tends to be one of the strongest materials to build a cabinet with.
  • Particle board for custom kitchen cabinets is a mixture of wood and glue, with a layer of melamine or wood veneer that both protects it from moisture and gives it its look. Recent strides in manufacturing over the last few years have allowed more companies to produce larger varieties of colors and even textures. The main benefit of a particle board custom kitchen is that it is cost-effective and there are a variety of colors to choose from.

Choosing the right color depends on the customer’s personal preference and on suggestions from experts. I personally believe that choosing the best colors for custom kitchens is a deeply personal process. Once the experts see what colors you are thinking about using, they will apply their expertise to derive the perfect color for the space.

You will find many companies where you will have the best customization opportunities and they provide you the customized products for your home. With the experts, you will have the best outlook you desire.