Decorating your Apartment – 5 Mistakes to Avoid

Moving into a brand new luxury apartments North Wales can be a pretty big deal. Excitement is bubbling away and you are just tempted to buy everything you need in one shopping trip so that you can fill your blank canvas.

However, great interior design doesn’t happen overnight, and it takes time and persistence, not forgetting willpower to live in a space that isn’t perfect just yet. So, even though you might be tempted to pop into IKEA to get all your essentials, take a look at our list of mistakes that you should avoid when decorating your new apartment.

Buying all your furniture at once

If you have just set up home in your North Wales apartment that lacks all your basic things, such as bed, sofa and dining table, it is a good idea to source these things as a hand-me-down or on second hand websites where you can get these things for next to nothing. Racing out to buy all your furniture at once can be a big, and expensive mistake.

The first thing you should do is make a list of all the important things that you do need to buy and list them in order of importance, ticking off each one as you go. If you are desperate to get a sofa, by all means buy one but that doesn’t mean you need to get a coffee table and side tables too! Take some time to look for the right pieces and ones that fit your budget, you’ll thank me later.

Buying your accessories at the same places

A rule that you should follow is not to buy everything in one place – that goes for your furniture and accessories. Each room should look like it has developed over time, to give it more character, but this won’t happen if you buy everything at the same place and especially at the same time. If you do opt to buy everything at one place you are at risk of making your interior bland and it will not necessarily reflect your style.

Accessories make a home feel personal so making sure you have the right little touches around your new home is important.

Filling the space too quickly

Often when you rush things, it leads to regret. So, the best thing to do is make a decorating plan. Buy all your essentials first and add touches around the main pieces of furniture. For instance, before just buying any old rug, make sure that rug fits in with your room nicely and that it does in fact work with your sofa.

Going cheap

When moving, we all have a budget which we need to stick to. Afterall, we have just spent a lot on solicitors! Budgets can be limiting, but it is important that you don’t cheap out and look for the most inexpensive items there are just to fill your space. Buy a fewer items at higher price brackets, let’s face it the better quality the items the less need there will be in the future to replace them. Having said that, do be mindful of your budget and don’t overspend for the sake of it.


Just because you can’t find the perfect item in the right colour doesn’t mean that you have to settle for an alternative if it’s not 100% your style. If you can’t find your ideal items, persevere and carry on looking until you do. Filling your home with items that you don’t 100% like, will mean they’ll be in the bin before you know it, and no one likes to waste money!