DIY or Carpet Cleaning service which is suitable?

Every homeowner needs deep cleaning of their carpets at some point in life. While carpet cleaning is important for getting rid of stains, but their deep cleaning can definitely add more years to their life. When it comes to carpet cleaning, there are 2 alternatives – DIY and professional carpet cleaning Adelaide.

If done properly, both of these options will provide a perfect deep clean and not just dirt and stain removal.  But which of these two options is better? Should you use the DIY method or hire a professional?

There are some facts to consider when you think of getting your carpets cleaned. Read ahead

Reasons to Hire Professional Carpet Cleaners

Professional carpet cleaners bring proven experience to the table. They are your best bet when you need professional carpet cleaning for your home. Their experience and their skills alone help them to do a professional job than when you do it yourself.

Further, their tools have a great capacity to remove dirt, dust and other pollutants lying in the crevices of the carpet. Additionally, they also know the usage of the right cleaning agents necessary. On the other hand, they also know the differences in construction and carpet fibres.

Better Equipment

Professional carpet cleaning companies provide powerful tools and cleaning equipment to their teams for the carpet cleaning projects. Also, the steam and deep cleaners that you easily get at in the departmental stores cannot compete with the quality and strength of professional equipment.

Carpet cleaning companies spend huge amounts of money in their equipment. This is one of the main points you should think through while determining whether you should DIY or hire a professional.

Lesser Time to Dry

When you hire professionals for carpet cleaning Adelaide, they generally know how to do it very well. Further, they have the proper commercial equipment that gets the job done much better and faster. The end result means the work done is a lot quicker than DIY.

This also means that drying times will be significantly lesser. If the drying time is quicker then that means it will help you put your house back into proper order earlier than you may recognize.


The DIY carpet cleaning process needless to say takes up a lot of work. In addition to that, it can take more number of hours to clean your whole carpet properly. However, it is also based on the size of your home and carpet. But, when it comes to allotting this job to a professional carpet cleaner, you are assured to get the cleaning done appropriately.

Professionals use their own equipment, carry the machines to and fro, use their own resources for cleaning, and also dispose the waste away. Hence the possibility of damage to the flooring also reduces significantly.

Maintain your Carpet’s Appearance

The look and feel of the carpet improves considerably when you hire professional carpet cleaner for your home. For example, the halls and entrances in your house, attract a lot of dirt and debris faster. Additionally, if you have pets and kids, carpets can attract mud much faster.

If you leave this mud on carpets for too long, it can become a task to remove all of it. Consequently, you need a professional carpet cleaner to work on your carpets at least once a year to refurbish your carpet’s appearance.


When you decide to go for DIY carpet cleaning, you do not know what result would be anticipated. Perhaps the equipment can be defective, or you might not know the correct usage of the equipment. This equipment is not easy to use.

Though, when you hire a professional, you can expect a perfectly clean carpet. Further, this will give you a calm mind and keep you from unnecessary frustrations.

Reasons for DIY Carpet Cleaning

If you have decided to go the DIY carpet cleaning by renting or buying a cleaning machine you should check on a number of machines before you make the final decision.

Further, most rental cleaning units may not clean your carpet systematically and may instead damage your carpet. Nonetheless, the rental equipment is also not as potent as that used by professionals.

Follow Your Schedule

Whether you are a working professional, finding time to clean your carpet is hard. In that case, hiring a professional carpet cleaner can be beneficial, but you need to follow their schedule.

On the other hand, when you clean the carpet yourself, you have the freedom to follow your own time.

Saving Money

Professional carpet cleaners charge according to the square feet area of your home. In other words, you will pay more if the house is big.

If you are low on budget, and do not have that much to pay a professional cleaning service, renting a cleaning equipment for your carpet is the best alternative which will also save money.

Suitable for Small Stains

If your house is liable to spills frequently DIY carpet cleaning is the best possibility for you.

Although it is suggested to get your carpets professionally cleaned once every year. In addition, DIY carpet cleaning is useful in removal of routine surface stains and spills on your carpet.

Carpet Cleaning: DIY vs Professional

Renting carpet cleaning equipment for doing the carpet cleaning Adelaide yourself can be a less costly option. It is the best choice if your daily cleaning is limited to spills and surface cleaning.

Nonetheless, a professional carpet cleaning Adelaide will cost you a little higher but the results delivered are very good. If your carpet has caught heavy stains due to substance spillage, then the professional carpet cleaning can restore cleanliness to your carpet.

Further, professional carpet cleaners have better commercial carpet cleaning experience, equipment, supplies, and training to clean every carpet fabric.

If you want to choose between carpet cleaning DIY vs. professional; and want to save work and also possible damage to your carpet, you should strongly think through to hire a professional cleaning service to avoid any accidents with your DIY machinery.