Enrich Your Indian Living Room With These Ideas

The living room is one of the most important parts of a house. It is also one of the most visited rooms in your home. So you need to make it look really nice and comfortable. Here are some tips to decorate your Indian style living room design:

01 of 05 Add a few plants to your living room

Adding plants to the living room design has become very common. Since people have started spending more time indoors, adding plants to the home interior helps to feel close to nature. There are various benefits of adding plants to your Indian-style living room design. To begin with, plants will give the Indian-style living room a fresh, natural look. This will also help you to breathe better indoors. Besides the freshness, plants help to add more colours to the living room design as well. Depending on your choice, you can choose any plants for your living room, small or large. However, keep in mind that some plants require high maintenance. If you do not have time to keep up with the maintenance requirements, choose options that require zero to little maintenance like cactus. 

02 of 05 Decorate your fireplace

Although India is a hot country, there are certain places that receive freezing temperatures. Hence, many Indian-style living room designs feature fireplaces. If you have a fireplace in your living room, do not leave it completely untouched. The fireplace can be a great focal point and enhance the appeal of the room. There are various ways you can decorate your living room fireplace. You can place photos and paintings on the mantel or light a few candles for creating a more relaxing atmosphere and some extra lighting. You have the complete freedom to decorate it in any way you want. Just make sure it complements the look of the rest of the living room. 

03 of 05 Decorate the walls

While decorating your Indian-style living room, you must not leave the walls empty. The wall design of your living room has a huge impact on the overall look of the living room. You can come up with various creative ideas to design them. If you feel that only a coat of paint is appearing boring, hang a few paintings from the walls. However, make sure that the colours featured in the paintings complement the colours used in the living room. To give your living room a personalised touch, you can hang paintings of you or your family members. You can also opt for a great accent wall. There are innumerous accent wall options available in the market. You can choose any design depending on your preferences.

04 of 05 Opt for great furniture pieces

Your Indian-style living room design will remain incomplete if you do not have all the necessary Indian living room furniture pieces. Make sure you have all the furniture pieces from sofas, coffee tables to chairs and side tables. They will help to enliven the aesthetic beauty of the space and make it more functional. If your Indian living room has a traditional appeal, choose elaborate furniture pieces that feature intricate designs. You will easily find many beautiful elegant pieces in the market. Besides the design, you have to ensure that furniture pieces are comfortable. You do not want to end up buying a sofa for your Indian living room that is appealing but does not feel comfortable. Comfort should always be your first priority while choosing Indian living room furniture pieces.

05 of 05 Pay attention to lighting

Lighting plays a very crucial role in home interior design. Your Indian-style living room lighting will have a huge impact on the overall look. Hence, add some nice lighting to your living room. There are different types of lighting fixtures available like pendant lights, recessed lights, etc. that you can use to light up your living room. Chandeliers are a great option to light up your living room as well. You can find many beautiful chandeliers that will complement Indian living room designs. Make sure that it does not appear too big for the room. Otherwise, your room may appear cluttered. Also, do not just depend on artificial lighting fixtures. Natural light is equally important for your Indian-style living room design. Choose windows with large glass panes so that maximum light can enter. If you feel you require privacy, hang a few curtains on your windows. Make sure that you choose light curtains so that maximum light can enter and keep the interiors well-lit while ensuring privacy. If the living room is small and there are a lot of windows, consider installing blinds instead of curtains.