Everything You Want to Know About Interior Designing

The interior designing is the art of transforming any space right from the scratch to marvellous and potential haven. The good news is that you can redesign your room spaces as you wish to this time, as it suits you. Hardwood lovers can either choose to maintain hardwood material and only change the floor appearance by opting for a slightly cheaper hardwood such as Woodpecker Flooring UK. After flooring comes the next element, and probably the most important aspect of the room – Your wall. You will definitely prefer a colourful, bright and perfectly adorned room instead of a dark, dull and lifeless living space. This is where the interior designing comes into picture by giving life and beauty to your living space as well as giving you a new experience of living a creative and satisfying life. Get in touch with Lipari Design in order to bring about a spectacular change in your existing home and turn it into a marvellous and potential haven. Talk to the professional designers there to make sure that their designing is not only classic and beautiful but also unique in the context of providing you adequate functional opportunities with all the comforts you may require.

The interior designing necessarily involves a number of skills beginning from the basic knowledge of textile, furniture, colour, lightings etc. and their usages to the extent of designing rules and laws of the locality and everything inside and outside of the house. Often, most homeowners misunderstand the distinct difference between an interior designer and a decorator. 

In fact, the difference between a decorator and a designer is not that of big difference but a significant different i.e. the education of a designer. A decorator decides what artistic pieces, accessories and paints etc. will be used in order to give a new look or beautify a house. On the other hand, a designer after completing his or her course thinks about not only the visual beauty and perfection of the space but also includes the structural working of the house. This involves many aspects such as figuring out the electric lines and plug points, identifications of pipelines and other plumbing-related infrastructure etc. In one sentence, a designer can decorate but a decorator cannot design.

Similarly, very often people get confused between designing and architecture. In fact, though the architecture and designing are two different streams, they are so interlinked that one cannot be thought without the other. Most institutions who deal with architectural qualifications explain how certain technicalities of construction go hand in hand with interior designing. However, the basic responsibilities of architecture are focussed on the structure whereas the interior as well as exterior designing deals with the interior and exterior requirements of a structure. Eventually, the interior designing is dependant on the structural architecture and the architecture cannot be completed without the concept of interior designing.