Five Ways Your Garden Can Be Enjoyed During The Winter Months

Having a garden space is a great luxury, one that has become increasingly more sought after in the wake of a pandemic with residents wanting to ensure continued access to an outdoor, natural environment. One issue that many will encounter, however, especially when paying a premium for a property with a garden, is that during the colder months, and especially the extended period of rain the UK’s climate endures, is that it be a challenge to enjoy the space year-round.

Thankfully, there are a number of steps that homeowners can take. With certain assets and garden design, an outdoor space can not only retain its aesthetic appeal during greyer, wetter weather but can also become a space to be enjoyed no matter the season.

Work With Nature

One of the most effective defences against the weather comes from nature itself. Trees and large bushes perform remarkably in adverse weather conditions and can prevent harsh winds, minimise water damage, and even reduce the amount of noise a homeowner experiences.

If you have any potential for such stoic natural features in your garden, it’s worth bringing them in. Fences can be bordered with hedges and even small trees can make a large difference to the impact of weather.

Stay Warm

If you have an outdoor dining area, you might be deterred from enjoying it due to the cold weather. Blankets are a useful feature but are often not enough to keep us entirely comfortable. Instead, consider a heat lamp. These are easy to install and work incredibly well to keep an area warm, especially if it is covered, such as with a gazebo.

Indoor Comfort, Outdoors

The presence of log cabins in a neighbourhood is growing. More residents are establishing cosy nooks and practical outbuildings in the gardens. This is because they have amazing potential to become an extra space for a property, one that integrates with the aesthetics of a garden. Whether being used as a private office or summer relaxation space, establishing your own cabin can help you to utilise your garden regardless of the weather.

Warming Features

Having a fire pit, pizza oven, or fire bowl is not only a wonderful way to bring warmth to your garden, one best enjoyed socially as your friends and family gather around, but they also add great stylistic value too. Rustic gardens, or those owned by budding chefs, for example, can benefit from both the utility of such fires spaces and ovens, encouraging them to cook outside even on cold days, but can be a statement piece expressing their outdoorsy lifestyle.

Deter Insects

While many will be seeking to encourage life into their garden, they are also those who wish to keep certain bugs away. This is especially important for those who want to dine outdoors without the presence of mosquitoes. Certain plants, when in bloom, can actually do just this, keeping bothersome insects away. Talk to your local garden centre for more information on the flowers that will work for your garden.