Flooring material 101: Reviewing ceramic tiles for modern homes

Contemporary homeowners are often willing to try new things for their home. However, when it comes to something that’s as important and relevant as flooring, key aspects like durability and value-for-money matter over other things. If you want to replacing the flooring of your home, you have a wide range of choices to pick from – from natural stores and quartz, to ceramic tiles and wood. Ceramic tiles are probably more versatile than other choices, considering that you can use these tiles for most rooms beyond flooring. Check with magasin Céramique au Sommet, and you will be surprised with the color options. In this post, we are sharing more on the good and bad of ceramic tiles. 

The good

  • Most ceramic flooring tiles are glazed during production. This not only adds shine to the tiles, but also works as a protective layer, preventing tiles from getting stained. That’s also the very reason why these tiles are great for bathrooms and kitchens, because water cannot seep through the glazed surface.  
  • With ceramic flooring, you don’t need to think of investment at least for a decade or two. However, this also depends on the durability of the tiles. All ceramic flooring tiles are rated between 0 and 5 based on hardness. 
  • Another big advantage of ceramic flooring is maintenance. You don’t have to spend huge on regular cleaning, and if the tiles do get stained, all you need is a mild acid wash. 
  • Not to forget, there are no concerns related to allergies, as ceramic flooring tiles do not harbor dust, bacteria, or pet dander. 

The bad

  • Ceramic flooring feels hard under the feet. If you are used to wooden flooring, this could be a bummer, at least initially. 
  • Ceramic tiles can feel cold in winters and hot in summers. In other words, these tiles are prone to retaining temperature. 

Should you consider ceramic flooring?

Yes, absolutely. The biggest advantage of ceramic tiles is versatile application. You can consider these tiles for almost any room, and since is a manmade material, there are literally thousands of colors and themes to choose from. Also, installation of these tiles doesn’t have to be complicated, and in case a tile breaks, replacing it should be easy as long as you have a few spare tiles from the same batch. 

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