Four Awesome Tips when Choosing Tiles for your Bathroom

If you are planning to renovate your bathroom, one of the aspects you will want to pay attention to is the tiling. Replacing your old tiles can give your bathroom a new lease of life. Choose replacement tiles that complement the rest of the bathroom’s design. Also, the new tiles need to be durable and easy to maintain. Carreaux Metro céramiques porcelaine are some of the best options you can find. Read on to know which tiles are best for your bathroom renovation:

Decide on the Design of the Main Tiles

Start by deciding on the tile you need to have for the bathroom. Don’t focus your attention on the accent tile you want to place on one side of the bathroom wall. Concentrate on the main tiles first which will cover the majority of your bathroom. This will provide with a starting point for the rest of the tiles you will choose for the design of the bathroom.

Limit your Tile Design Options

If you have to choose more than one tile design, limit your option to just two or three. Choosing more than three different tiles is a no-no especially if your bathroom is small. Too many designs will only make the space look busy and cluttered. Pick a unique colour or pattern and use it as a focal point of the bathroom design. Think about combining a plain tile with a more sophisticated pattern and colour. This will add character and interest to your bathroom design.

Choose a Show Stopper

Ensure there is a tile design that is uniquely stunning to add drama and grab attention in the bathroom. It can be a small tile with a unique pattern or colour. Just ensured you pick just one accent tile. Accent tiles are usually expensive so pick a small portion of your bathroom to install your accent tile. You can place it areas where special tiles are installed.

Think about Tile Maintenance

Some tiles are not easy to maintain so you must know the maintenance demands of your chosen tiles before you take the plunge. Because wet areas like the shower and tube can require serious maintenance, you want to pick tiles that are resistant to water. Porcelain tiles are ideal for these areas. In case you prefer to install natural stone for your bathroom, you should expect plenty of maintenance. Natural stone must be sealed regularly to last. Also, consider the ease of cleaning when choosing tiling products.