Granite Kitchen Countertops- 3 Ultimate Plus Points

Granite is the most preferred and popular choice for kitchen countertops due to its exceptional properties to serve its purpose in the kitchen. Changing your kitchen countertop is the most cost-effective way to change the overall look of your kitchen. You can change the kitchen countertop to have an incredibly new and fabulous-looking kitchen.

The primary question is material that you can use, and the answer is granite, marble, or porcelain. Here granite is being explained to know its property’s plus points.

No Chipping-No Scratches

Chipping off of kitchen countertops and scratches decreases your kitchen countertops’ aesthetics and decreases their life. As utensils are kept on kitchen countertops, and sometimes food is also eaten on them, they need to be scratch-resistant to maintain their look.

Granite is the white kitchen countertop material because it is virtually keeping and scratch resistant to some extent. You won’t quickly notice it even if there are some scratches.


Modern homeowners also prefer using granite because of its high availability compared to steel and marble. A granite countertop can cost you around $45 to $200 per square foot, depending on the quality. Another perk is that this cost will include installation charges along with granite charges.

Typically, granite charges depend on the quality and thickness of the tile. Getting your kitchen renewed on a tight budget can turn your decision towards granite. Initially, granite cost is low, but due to its life span of 20 to 30 years or more, it is also a long-term investment.

Moisture, Staining, and Heat Resistance

Chipping and scratches only affect the aesthetics of a countertop, while moisture, heat, and stain sensitivity decrease the lifespan of a countertop. Since granite is resistant to all three of these lifespan decreasing factors, it is perfect for a kitchen countertop.

Bear in mind that granite is a naturally porous material. Therefore, sealing it with a layer of raisin or polish is essential to safeguard it from acid etching and other stains. Expert must reapply the sealant or resin every year to maintain heat, stain, and moisture resistance. Whenever you spill food items on your kitchen countertop, make sure you remove them immediately with mild detergent or water.

If food has dried on it, you can use a plastic scraper to scrape them off but never use metal for this. Naturally, granite is a product of heat and pressure; therefore, you can keep hot pans and pots on it as it is heat resistant.

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