How Can You Tell If You Have KITEC Plumbing?

No matter if you just purchased a home or you’ve been living there for quite some time, it is inevitable not to think about whether or not you have KITEC plumbing. And you should this can be a matter of serious concern, as such plumbing can lead to significant issues in your home.

Overall, we do recommend you consider KITEC pipe replacement and removal, as it is the safest approach to keeping everything running smoothly. If you are interested in how you can tell if you have KITEC plumbing, read on to find out what our experts say.

So, what is KITEC plumbing? 

Back in 1995, there was an interest in using KITEC plumbing, and it was installed in newly constructed homes with regularity. Many people believed this was the most efficient plumbing solution at the time, being affordable, simple to setup up, and extremely flexible. Still, in 2005 most of KITEC plumbing was recalled due to its worrisome corrosion rate. It was discontinued, but many homes still have it and face serious water damage issues.

Experts say that homes with KITEC plumbing come with a higher risk of premature pipe failure. And the concerning issue here is that these pipes don’t leak. They burst suddenly and lead to a potential flood in your house. The leading cause of KITEC plumbing deterioration is either increased water temperature or excessive pressure.

How to tell if you have KITEC plumbing

We do recommend you seek the advice of a professional when it comes to determining whether or not you have KITEC plumbing. Still, there is a simple way that might indicate you have such a plumbing system. KITEC plumbing has bright orange pipes for hot water and blue pipes for cold water. Of course, many homes have a variety of colors, as plenty of KITEC plumbing pipes were sold in red, blue, black, or grey.

Keep in mind that not all KITEC plumbing pipes were sold under KITEC’s label. Additional brands used the same system, including XPA, OPEX Aqua, or PlumBetter. Anyhow, if you want to discover what type of pipes you have in your home, you should look at the hot water tank or in the area where the plumbing system is linked from the wall. This is the area in which you can quickly asses what type of plumbing system you have.

What to do if you have a KITEC plumbing system?

So, if you think or you are sure you have KITEC plumbing in your home, we highly encourage you to consider KITEC pipe replacement and removal with the help of an experienced plumber. This can help you avoid significant damage to your home. Of course, changing KITEC plumbing pipes with copper ones is not a fast or affordable process. But it is the safest way to avoid water damage and flooding in your home.