How Do You Tell If Your Furnace Is Broken?

Are you looking for an indicator on when you need furnace repair? Well, you are in the right place! Up next, we shared our insights on the top signs your furnace needs repairs today. Keep in mind that if there is any problem with your system, you should always ask for professional advice. 

Furnace repairs can save you a lot of time and money, but at the same time, it can significantly improve the comfort in your home. And if you take a moment to consider the fact that your furnace stays off during the warm season, you will discover that regular maintenance and furnace repairs are more than necessary to avoid damage to your unit. Hence, let’s see how to tell if your furnace is broken.

  1. Issues starting your furnace

So, a visible sign you need furnace repairs is the difficulty of starting the device. The general rule says that as soon as your furnace begins to age, you might find it challenging to turn it on and even keep the device running for extended periods. Hence, experts say that if you have to try several times in the row to start the furnace, it is best to ask a professional for an assessment. You might need furnace repair for a disconnected wire or broken thermostat. But at the same time, your unit might be beyond repair and posing a risk for your home’s safety. 

  1. Issues with odours

Another tell-tale sign there is a problem with a furnace is the constant odd smells around the unit. Keep in mind that if you have an old unit that usually has a strong smell of fuel that comes and goes or merely a bad smell that doesn’t go away, you might face a serious furnace problem. Ask a professional for an assessment, as such odours can be triggered by gas leaks or malfunctions inside the furnace. 


  1. Issues with interior air quality

An interesting thing about your furnace is that it can have a direct impact on the quality of air in your home. Hence, if you don’t maintain your unit correctly, bacteria or other debris might travel from the furnace into your home. Of course, you can keep a close eye on your furnace by frequently changing its filters. But if you notice there is little to no change in the air, and you experience symptoms such as coughs or respiratory problems, it is highly recommended to ask for professional advice. Your unit might require professional furnace repair. 

  1. Issues with the carbon-monoxide detector

In case you didn’t know already, your furnace comes with a carbon-monoxide detector in its design. This is meant to alert you in case of toxic gas release. Hence, if this detector goes off, you should immediately switch off your furnace and ventilate your home. Contact a gas company and an HVAC contractor so that they asses the situation and suggest the proper approach for furnace repair.

The bottom line is that you should take the maintenance of your furnace at all times seriously. It is a useful yet sensitive system, which needs to function adequately to ensure your home’s safety.