How Mattresses are made?

In the past, a man came with the idea of the mattress as dry leaves, straws and animal skin. The base-down ensured them comfortable and sound sleep rather than the hard ground. It must be one of the tempting reasons, a man decided to give up on a nomadic lifestyle and start building civilization. They started building more comfortable bed structures to sleep on and from then on humans have been developing their comfort structure more. Earlier, man used materials such as lumpy pads filled with horsehair, cotton or rags as a substitute for a mattress. Poor people however used raw materials such as straw, corn cobs, or crop debris to stuff the fabric. The quality of mattresses evolved in the nineteenth century where manufacturers used better materials to form the mattress. Mattresses with stabilizing interior spring became the new and advanced form of comfort. Even though those mattresses are nothing like the modern-day mattresses. Those mattresses are not close to the comfort and advanced form as the present-day mattresses. Now we have different options for the best mattress in India. Nowadays mattresses are made keeping various factors into consideration.

Standards followed by the Best mattress brands in India

Size: The mattresses in the present day are manufactured in a few standard sizes. The standard sizes are made to avoid any confusion and keep uniformity among brands in the market. The standard sizes in the market include twin beds of 39×74 inches, double beds of 54×74 inches, queen bed sizes of 60×80 inches and king bed sized 78×80 inches.

A typical mattress consists of an innerspring unit which is nothing but a series of wire coils that are attached to each other with additional wire. There are wide varieties of springs that are designed to feed the various needs of the customers. The most commonly used springs are the Bonnell, the offset, the continuous and pocket system.

The raw materials used in mattresses can be both natural and synthetic. The innerspring, box springs used in the mattress are made up of wire. There are various brands provides mattress in a box in India.

The wire used for make box springs is usually made of materials of a heavier gauge. The wires used for making inner springs are usually lighter than box springs. The insulator of the mattress is composed of a semi-rigid mesh of wires. The layer of cushioning in the mattress consists of a number of different materials such as natural fiber, polyurethane foam, and polyester. The flanges of the bed are made up of fabric and metal rings. The panels at the top, bottom, and sides are made of fabric which is durable and tapes the binding so that it can hold fibrous, synthetic and heavy fabrics.

Comfortable and sound sleep is very vital in keeping man refreshed and high spirited for the entire day. And that is why many researches are lead to derive more comfortable mattresses for effective sleep. Comfort even though it is very subjective and differs from person to person. But many big mattress brands lead researches to improve the quality of inner springs to provide more comfort to their customers. The future will take us to more advanced and comfortable sleeping experiences hopefully.