How Self-Storage Can Help Your Renovation Project

Renovations are exciting but can be a nightmare, especially when it comes to storage. If you are renovating an empty new home, it’s not an issue at all, but for those of us renovating a home we are currently living in (full to the brim of furniture and belongings), it can be a bit of a headache!

So, what are our options for storage during renovation projects?

  • Make space around the home – Not ideal, but sometimes we have no choice but to make some space around the home and live upside down for a while! If you have a spare room, garage or conservatory it’s a bonus because those rooms might be useful for temporary storage. But if you have lack of space at home, with absolutely nowhere to store anything extra, it’s going to be stressful.
  • Ask a family or friends – we could ask our friends and family if they have any space to help us store things out of the way during renovations and many may be willing to oblige. Trouble is many of us may not want to burden others and assume it’s asking too much, so would much prefer a more ideal solution.
  • Use self-storage – Many people use self-storage these days, and for all sorts of reasons, for home renovations, it can be the perfect solution. Self-storage enables us to move everything away from the home, safely and securely, offering much valuable space to get the renovation done.

There is nothing worse than having to work around furniture, keep moving things around to get to different areas, its tiresome and time consuming, something we certainly want to avoid during renovations where we just want the job done ASAP! Furniture Storage ensures we don’t have that problem, and it’s also great to know that all of our belongings are packed away safely. Renovations can be hazardous, to say the least, if things get broken or damaged because of lack of storage space it only adds to the stress, so it’s better not to have that worry or concern in the first place.

Bonus – Self-storage can be used short-term or long-term offering the flexibility because let’s face it, not all renovations go to plan, some end up taking much longer than anticipated.