How To Clean Your Home Like a Professional


It’s the weekend, you’ve invited friends over, and have a great day planned. However, your home is a mess and the cleaning chores have been piling up. You have two options. Look up “cleaning services near me” and hire professionals to clean your home and make it smell refreshing. The other option is to read this article and borrow a few cleaning hacks used by professionals. Let’s check them out:

The Details

  1. Consolidate the gear – When you clean your home, you waste a lot of time moving around cleaning tools. For instance, you dust a room with a duster, put it back in its place, fetch a window cleaner and start wiping windows. That’s very inefficient and time-consuming.

Instead, you can optimize the cleaning processing by carrying around all the cleaning gear with you. Pros usually have a waist belt and several pockets in their uniform to carry around that gear. You can use a large bucket for storing all those tools. Everything from dusters and spray cleaners to sponges disinfectants and furniture polish. Use the tools as you room from one room to another and shrink the cleaning time. 

  1. Let it soak – Chores like cleaning the spills and grime from the kitchen stove, scrubbing toilets, and removing hard water deposits from the tub take a lot of time if you do it wrong. Instead of applying cleaning liquids on the brush or the sponge and rubbing away, you can let those filthy surfaces soak the detergents and cleaner liquids. 

The gunk, grime, stains, and deposits take time to dissolve and soften. The stubborn stains won’t break down for at least half an hour. Apply the cleaning liquid to those surfaces and go about other cleaning chores. When you get back, most stains and gunk would be softened and dissolved and can be wiped away with ease. 

  1. Declutter before cleaning – When you bring out the vacuum and start cleaning, your task is going to be impossible with books, toys, and clothes lying around the floor and on the furniture. Instead, it’s more efficient to declutter your home before you start cleaning. 

Pick up all the items and put them in their right place and store them away in a basket inside a closet. Now you can work the vacuum and the mop to clean up all the dust, dirt, and debris instead of constantly shoving away things on your path. After you clean the room, you can organize those items. 

  1. Establish a pattern – Have you ever felt lost when you entered a room to clean it? This usually happens when you don’t have a regular cleaning pattern. Establishing a cleaning pattern helps and you can use common sense as your guide. 

For instance, dust falls and collects on the top of furniture, shelves, cabinets, and other such high places. Get a wipe and start working from the top. You can slowly make your way down as you wipe the shelves, doors, and handles and finally clean the floor. 

In certain places, it helps when you move horizontally. For instance, in bathrooms and the kitchen, you can start from the dirtiest corner, the sink, or the toilet and move from left to right and you clean scrub, wipe, and clean surfaces. 

  1. Get kneepads and ditch the mop – Mops are large cleaning tools that are great for cleaning floors. However, the housing market in the 21st century doesn’t allow most people to have generously sized bathrooms. That’s why working a large tool like a mop is difficult around tricky corners like around the commode or tub. 

A more optimized solution is to use a rag. Yes, you have to get down and dirty. Get on your knees and wipe the bathroom floor clean with a rag. This cleaning technique should be reserved exclusively for the bathroom. This won’t work in a kitchen with several storage spaces and easy to access floor space. If you have sensitive knees, you can get a pair of nice knee pads and get the bathroom floor sparkling. 

  1. Use a microfiber cloth for wiping metal and glass – Most modern appliances like your refrigerator, washer, dryer, and microwave oven have an industrial design with metallic surfaces. When you use a kitchen rag and a dry towel to wipe these surfaces, they can leave smudges and streaks that defeat the purpose of cleaning.   

The same holds for glass surfaces, whether it’s your coffee table, stovetop, or windows. The streaks on glass are more prominent and stick out like a sore thumb. Instead of using a rag, use a microfiber cloth to clean and wipe these surfaces. The fine and densely packed fibers of a microfiber cloth are great at trapping a large amount of dust and debris with one pass. That’s why there are no streaks or smudges from residual dirt when you use a microfiber cloth. 

  1. Clean and polish hardwood in the direction of the grain – Hardwood floors look elegant and feel great. That’s why you use high-quality cleaners and polishers to keep those floors brand new. However, you may have noticed the awful cross-grain marks after the floor has been cleaned. 

This usually happens if you clean and polish against the direction of the grain. Check the grain pattern and run your wiper and polisher along the grain of the wood. You also need to be careful with the amount of cleaner and polish you use on the wood. Use cleaner solutions sparsely and wipe off excess liquid. You can use this same technique on wooden furniture. If it’s an antique, leave it to the professionals. Otherwise, you can preserve the sheen on your wood furniture with this method for a long time. 


Now that you know how to clean your home like a professional, it’s time to put that knowledge to good use and grab those cleaning supplies. Otherwise, you can relax and binge-watch episodes on Netflix while you let the professionals do the cleaning. To hire the services of a cleaning company, search for “cleaning services near me”.