Ideas to Make your Open Kitchen Work


Having a separate dining room and cooking space was once a very popular trend. Currently, open kitchen designs are in demand. Most contemporary homes feature an open kitchen because there are plenty of benefits. To begin with, an open space seems more inviting when you have guests over. By eliminating the barrier between the kitchen and the social space, it allows people to remain a part of all conversations in the dining room even while working in the kitchen. Moreover, the open kitchen look appears very sophisticated and elegant and is ideal for people who want to opt for a luxury kitchen. 

While designing your open kitchen design, you should plan every aspect of it very carefully. If you fail to design the layout properly, it might not appear very appealing. Mentioned below are a few ideas that will make your open kitchen design work:

01 of 05 Sufficient natural light should enter the open kitchen 

You spend hours in the kitchen performing various activities like cutting, chopping, mixing, cooking, eating, cleaning, etc. Hence, it is very crucial that sufficient light is available inside at all times. There are various lighting fixtures available you can opt for starting from statement chandeliers to designer wall sconces. You can use them to not only light up your kitchen interiors but also to enhance the aesthetic appeal. However, you must make use of natural light during the daytime if you do not want to make a lot of expenses on your electricity bill. Always ensure there are plenty of large windows in the kitchen so that abundant natural light can enter indoors. Consider installing lighting fixtures for the daytime to light up those dark corners as well.  

02 of 05 A kitchen island is imperative 

In the last few years, the kitchen space has evolved from being just a cooking space to an area where gatherings take place. The kitchen island provides an area where people can sit and talk. Moreover, a kitchen island makes the space more functional. You can use it as a storage unit by building base cabinets. If sufficient countertop space is not available, the sink or cooktop can be installed on the kitchen island as well. By including a kitchen island, you can transform the space into a more inviting area for entertaining guests.

03 of 05 Availability of storage space 

It is very crucial to include sufficient storage options while planning your open kitchen design. Over time, people start buying more and more kitchen appliances and additional storage space is required to store all these items. By planning a bigger storage space for the kitchen beforehand, you can avoid a lot of inconveniences later. While designing the storage space, keep separate areas for the frequently used and occasionally used items. You should be able to reach the frequently used items like spices, pots, spoons, spatulas, etc. easily without wasting too much time. For instance, consider hanging the regularly used pots and spatulas in a rack so that they are easily visible when required. 

04 of 05 Proper ventilation is required 

One of the key factors that have to be kept in mind while designing an open kitchen is ventilation. The aromas, fumes, and smoke will spread throughout the house very fast as there are no barriers in an open kitchen. This will make your entire house smell like food. If you want to avoid this, install a chimney or an exhaust fan that will remove the smoke, fumes, and oil particles out of the kitchen. It will help to keep the kitchen clean also as the grease settles on the walls and cabinets and stains them. Also, installing large windows in your kitchen interiors can help to keep the kitchen ventilated as well. By ensuring proper ventilation in the kitchen, you can prevent it from getting very hot while cooking. 

05 of 05 Choose the right dustbin 

Choosing a small dustbin for the kitchen that stays overfilled is a bad decision. It will diminish the appeal of the open kitchen design. You should always opt for dustbins that are of the optimised size. Built-in bins are a great option for contemporary homes to ensure it stays hidden and the kitchen stays clutter-free.