We now live in a world where everything has become digitalized and this has been extended to company and public database. Did you know that billions of data are always “LIVE” on the internet at all times? There is a big advantage on this front because thousands of data can now be kept in the forms of documents and files on computer software. However, there is a great deal of threat when it comes to the digital world because of the possibilities of virtual attacks from scammers and hackers from every corners of the world. One of the global fears in the world today is the possibility of software systems being hacked by cyber-hackers. This has sometimes scared many private and public organizations off the act of backing up their important data up in computer software. Organizations need to hire security guards London to provide 24-hour security assurance for their properties even though they have a cyber security system. In an event of cyber-theft, tons of valuable data could be lost, and company’s information could be breached while some vital data may even be tampered with on the computer software. However, there is as much threat to a physical computer like there is to a cyber-security system. What is the point in securing your computer software against virtual attacks if the physical computer holding all those valuable data isn’t physically secured?

Hiring a London security London will ensure that the physical computers holding your vital documents and information are kept away from the reach of thieves or burglars. Many companies have their headquarters while many have branches in London and as such London harbours many valuable company data and information. It would therefore be an understatement to say that every company in London needs a security guard in London. It is therefore safe to say that cyber security systems aren’t replacing the need for 24-hour SIA Security London because they both work hand-in-hand to deliver a safe and secured environment for all your company or private data. This is a global practice, and in some places security guarding comes with the need to buy 9mm ammo and protective guns if you’re doing the securing in-house.

While Cyber-Security systems serve to protect your computer software against internet hackers, SIA Security London serves to protect your physical properties from being vandalized or stolen.

ADVANTAGES OF HIRING SIA Security London and Security Guards London

  • Protects your physical computer and other relevant hardware
  • Secures your company or private premises
  • Ensures your physical data and data locked away in software are protected from theft and vandalism


  • Protects your cyber-data against internet hackers
  • Ensures that your information are tucked away from the reach of anyone who shouldn’t have access to them
  • Prevents data lost or misplacement.