Kitchen Countertop Trends You Ought to Know

The kitchen is a space where you are going to cook sumptuous meals. You will have romantic moments while cooking or baking something delicious. There are times when your friends would visit you and sit on the countertop while you dice some vegetables. Countertops are also utilized for chopping and placing heavy things. It needs to be reliable and sturdy, right?

Thus, you need a kitchen with a durable and good-looking countertop. Don’t stress too much – we’re here with some of the latest kitchen countertop trends. Let’s take a good look at the article to find some answers and solutions.

Kitchen Countertop Trends: REVEALED

  1. Marble Countertop – 2021 has seen some really cool trends, and one of them is the popularity of marble countertops. White marble has a chic appeal and it goes with an all-white kitchen. Marble countertops are classy – there’s no shade of doubt about that.
  2. Glass Countertop – It’s scratch-resistant and heat-resistant. What else would you want, dear friend? These days you get a wide variety of colors. However, don’t settle for it – there are more options to explore at premium sellers like Granite Au Sommet.
  3. Quartz Countertop – Quartz is a manmade or engineered material. It is aesthetically pleasing and requires low maintenance. What we truly love about this material are the veining and wonderful patterns. They are eye-catching and you would love to have them in a contemporary home.
  4. Granite Countertop – If you want both durability and style, opt for granite countertops. They are very pleasing to the eyes and are budget-friendly as well. Quartz costs a little more, but granite is cheaper. The veining and pop of colors will make you want to invest in a granite countertop.

What’s your pick?

These were some of the options that you could choose from. Some people are old-school, but they want their home to look modern and exquisite. If you ask us, go for something durable, good-looking, and also fits your budget.

Granite is getting popular in today’s era. It looks great in traditional as well as modern homes.

Quartz is also making its mark in the industry.

Lastly, patterns and veining are getting popular too. The textured look of the countertop gives a contemporary feel. If we had to put money into something, it would be granite or quartz.

If you are wondering how these two materials look and the kind of designs you can find, check out Granite au Sommet options. Their designs are mind-boggling and the quality is top-notch.