Kitchen renovation – dos and don’ts

A kitchen renovation protects the environment and your wallet. There are a few things to consider ensuring that the renovation in the kitchen runs smoothly. As with the purchase of a new fitted kitchen, careful planning of the kitchen renovation is a prerequisite for the modernization measure to bring the desired success. If the optics, functionality, and ergonomics are in the right ratio, the redesigned kitchen becomes an absolute feel-good space after the renovation.

Planning a kitchen renovation is a laborious process. The ideal is to get the kitchen renovation from a single source. Specialized kitchen planners have a lot of experience and know how to get the best out of difficult initial situations. Depending on the condition and age of a kitchen, there are large and small challenges that need to be overcome when renovating the kitchen. Which aspects of the kitchen are important for a renovation and what should be avoided will be examined in more detail below?

Don’t: Kitchen renovation without an on-site inspection

A personal inspection by the responsible kitchen planner is essential for an extensive kitchen renovation. He has to see the space and the architectural requirements himself in order to get a comprehensive picture. The specialist can assess the condition of the existing furniture. Many kitchen furniture bodies are in good shape after years. Only the fronts are getting on in years and show various signs of wear and tear such as scratches and chips. In some cases, there are the architectural prerequisites for exchanging individual kitchen elements for one another when renovating the kitchen and to make a room look more spacious. It is important to express all wishes regarding the kitchen and renovation during the inspection – from the kitchen equipment to the interior fittings. If a kitchen planner knows every detail, he can respond to the requirements and optimally plan the kitchen renovation.

Don’t: Disregard budget planning

As with any modernization project, it is important to set a budget for a kitchen renovation. If financial ceilings are clearly communicated from the start, the kitchen planner can act accordingly. The old kitchen of a renovation to undergo, is much cheaper than buying a new kitchen. However, when it comes to a kitchen renovation, the financial resources limit the possibilities. Fixed furniture and worktops should be tackled first when renovating a kitchen. Electrical devices and fittings can be exchanged afterwards. An action plan is developed together. If you plan with the help of a specialist, you can be sure that the existing budget will not go awry and in the end there will be a big gap in the household budget.

Don’t: No uniform color concept

Why do designer kitchens look so enviable? The color concept makes up a large part of the effect of well-designed kitchens. Anyone who refrains from developing and implementing a consistent color concept when renovating the kitchen is wasting great potential. Anyone commissioning a renovation of the kitchen wants it to be practical and beautiful when the work is done. While wood decors and light plain colors – such as pure white and magnolia – are a safe choice, dark fronts in warm anthracite tones require courage. By choosing a light worktop the effect can be weakened and the kitchen looks pleasantly friendly. The visible outside of Kori’s can be clad and integrated into the new color concept. If you have a cramped kitchen space, you can hardly avoid a light color scheme. By choosing light fronts, the effect of small kitchens with lots of kitchen furniture can be loosened up. Colored accent’s structure and direct the eye in the kitchen after the renovation.

Thu: Plan room use down to the last detail

Many people know it: To compensate for a lack of storage space, a shelf is bought without further ado and the kitchen loses its harmonious appearance. If a kitchen is too crowded, the space appears cramped. In order to avoid this and to give the kitchen a modern look after the renovation, all furnishings should match each other perfectly.

The optimal use of space is one of the greatest challenges in kitchen planning and kitchen renovation. It is important to find a balance between storage space and free space. In many cases, a kitchen renovation can create new storage space within the kitchen through good planning. Modern interiors are practical and use the existing interior space of furniture down to the last corner. Anyone who integrates a pharmacy pull-out into their existing kitchen can store a large number of groceries, spices and kitchen accessories in a small space, which take up a lot of space in a kitchen cupboard. Many wall units have too few shelves and thus waste valuable storage space.

Thu: kitchen renovation from a single source

Visiting a renowned kitchen studio that has successfully completed many renovation projects saves time and nerves. Customers do not have to phone around themselves and take care of the planning of the individual trades such as electronics. A kitchen studio that specializes in kitchen renovation has the experience and know-how that customers need. Customers do not run the risk of being pressured into buying a new kitchen, even though they are only planning a kitchen renovation. In addition, the professionals offer kitchen planning and kitchen renovation from a single source. A well-coordinated team of fitters, joiners and electricians work hand in hand. Through efficient work processes expensive craftsman hours can be saved. Getting the kitchen renovation from a single source ensures that all costs incurred for the work are included in the offer.

Do: adjust worktop height

Many customers want a higher worktop. During the on-site inspection, the kitchen planner checks whether this works within the given room situation, the existing kitchen furniture and the height of the windows. With the help of modern plinth adjusters, which are mounted under the kitchen furniture, it is possible to raise kitchen cabinets and to mount a new skirting board. Whether the effort and costs are worthwhile in relation to the benefit must be checked on a case-by-case basis.

Thu: Optimal planning of the kitchen appliances

Anyone who has a kitchen that is getting on in years knows best what bothers them most. Of course, visual wishes are in the foreground when renovating a kitchen from a single source. Modern fronts with contemporary handles change the look of a kitchen significantly. But the kitchen equipment also plays a major role.

Cooking and eating habits have changed over the past few decades. A healthy and low-calorie diet has a high priority in the consciousness of many people. In many households, a steamer and a kitchen machine that almost cooks itself are part of the basic equipment of a modern kitchen. There is also a fully automatic coffee machine that conjures up Italian flair in your own home with cappuccino and latte macchiato. The microwave also wants to be placed at hand height. Anyone who does not have an optimal storage space for the devices quickly runs the risk of losing workspace. Only if a kitchen is perfectly adapted to the current needs and cooking habits of the residents after the renovation is it practical and can be enjoyed for many years to come.

Thu: Well thought-out lighting and electrical planning

A kitchen renovation from a single source includes well-thought-out lighting and electrical planning. Modern LED lighting makes it possible to illuminate work surfaces down to the last corner. Energy-saving LED light strips have practical dimming functions and enable discreet, indirect lighting of the room after dusk. When cooking, the LED lights shine in full brightness. How much lighting should be retrofitted as part of a kitchen renovation is part of the kitchen planning. If there are no sockets, they can be conveniently retrofitted as part of the kitchen renovation with surface-mounted, substructure and corner sockets without having to undertake major renovations. USB connections integrated in combination solutions make it possible to have the mobile phone and tablet, including the latest recipes, at hand while cooking.