Living in Portland: The Ultimate Guide to The Best Things to Do

Living in Portland, Oregon, is like living in a city where you can never get bored or hungry. Portland is a great place to live in because of its amazing food scene, its easy going residents, and a Voodoo doughnut shop. The list of things to do in Portland is never ending.

Outdoor Adventures

If you love being outdoors, then you will absolutely fall in love with Portland. There is so much to do, from going to parks and gardens, visiting museums and art galleries, and taking bike tours around the city.

Portland Bike Tours

One of the most unique things about Portland is its bike tours. If you are thinking about moving here, the best way to see the city is on a bike. There are several bicycle tours around the city offering guided tours. You can choose a tour dedicated to your interests, whether you want to go around historical sites and museums or on a drinking tour.

Portland Art Museum

The Portland Art Museum is one of the oldest galleries in the country. Art enthusiasts will enjoy seeing all the contemporary, modern, and ancient pieces of art, although they might need to go back several times in order to view all 45,000 pieces. The gallery also has an amazing collection of Native American artwork.

Washington Park

Washington Park has two museums, a beautiful rose garden, and a zoo, and is bordered by Forest Park, which is over 5,000 acres of wilderness. Kids can visit the zoos, or play in the park’s playground, while adults can take a walk around the arboretum, which has miles of recreational trails.

Eating and Drinking

Portland has an amazing food scene, from artisanal bakeries, award-winning restaurants, great food carts, and a renowned craft beer scene, you will never get tired of eating out.

Restaurants and Food Carts

You cannot move to Portland and not fall in love with its creative and diverse food scene. Foodies will have the time of their lives in this city, from eating in award-winning restaurants to scenic and quaint cafes and sampling food from all over the world, including Chinese, Thai, and Mexican cuisines. You don’t have to break the bank as the city has numerous affordable food carts with amazing food. You will not be a resident unless you try one of the donuts from Voodoo Bakery.

Beer Scene

Portland has a wild number of breweries, hosting over 70 breweries. The city is a beer lover’s haven. Go on a beer-tasting tour in the city and try to see which craft beer you like the most. You can also attend one of Portland’s many beer festivals.

Move to Portland

As you can tell by now, Portland is full of fun things to keep you occupied. If your heart is set on moving here, Portland real estate expert Dirk Hmura Team will help you find your dream home. The team will show you several Portland homes for sale and guide you through the process until you find a home you love. Call Dirk Hmura’s Team to start your journey.