Low Budget Backyard Designs with Gravel

low budget backyard designs with gravel


Transforming your backyard into a stunning and functional space doesn’t have to cost a fortune. One of the most cost-effective materials you can use to achieve this is gravel. Gravel is versatile, low-maintenance, and can be used in a variety of creative ways. In this article, we will explore several low-budget backyard designs that utilize gravel as the star material.

  1. Gravel Patio:

One of the simplest and most effective ways to use gravel in your backyard is to create a gravel patio. This is much cheaper than using concrete or pavers. Simply mark out the area for your patio, lay down a weed barrier, and pour gravel on top. Add some outdoor furniture, and you’ve got yourself a lovely area for relaxation and entertainment.

  1. Garden Paths:

Create winding garden paths through your backyard with gravel. Outline your paths with some inexpensive edging material like bricks or stones to keep the gravel in place. The crunching sound of gravel underfoot adds a rustic charm to your garden.

  1. Al Fresco Dining Area:

Combine gravel with a few paving stones to create a stylish outdoor dining area. Lay gravel in the dining area and use paving stones as a base for the table and chairs. This gives you a solid surface to place furniture on, while the surrounding gravel keeps the area well-drained and low-maintenance.

  1. Fire Pit Surround:

If you have a fire pit or are considering adding one, surrounding it with a circular or square area of gravel can be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The gravel area acts as a safety barrier and is an excellent space for placing chairs for people to gather around the fire.

  1. Gravel and Plant Borders:

Use gravel as a border around garden beds or along fences. This is not only decorative but also practical, as it can prevent weeds and keep pests at bay. Mix in some drought-resistant plants or succulents for an effortless yet appealing look.

  1. Zen Garden:

Turn a small section of your backyard into a tranquil Zen garden. Use gravel as the main ground cover, and add elements such as large rocks, a bench, and some simple, low-maintenance plants. Rake the gravel into swirling patterns for a meditative effect.

  1. Play Area:

If you have children, a gravel area can be a great, low-cost option for a play space. Gravel is softer and more forgiving than concrete and can be a good base for a swing set or sandbox.

  1. Dog Run:

For pet owners, gravel can be used to create an inexpensive and easy-to-clean dog run. The gravel surface is easy on your pet’s paws and is much easier to maintain than a lawn.

Tips for Using Gravel in Your Backyard:

  1. Weed Barrier: Always lay down a weed barrier before adding gravel to prevent weeds from growing through.
  2. Edging: Use some form of edging to keep the gravel contained.
  3. Maintenance: Even though gravel is low maintenance, you will occasionally need to rake it to keep it looking neat, and you may need to top it up every few years.


Using gravel in your backyard designs is an affordable way to create stunning outdoor spaces. Whether you’re making a cozy patio, a garden path, or a Zen retreat, gravel is a versatile material that can make your landscaping dreams come true without breaking the bank.