Over the Range Microwave with Exhaust Fan and Light

over the range microwave with exhaust fan and light


An over-the-range microwave with exhaust fan and light is a multitasking marvel designed to simplify your kitchen activities. This kitchen appliance combines the functionality of a microwave with the air-cleaning capabilities of a range hood, plus added lighting. This guide dives deep into what makes these appliances unique, and why you might want to invest in one.

Features to Look For

Cooking Power

A higher wattage ensures faster and more efficient cooking. However, you don’t want to sacrifice even heating for speed.

Fan Speed

The exhaust fan helps remove smoke and odors. Look for models with multiple fan speeds for more control.

Lighting Options

Some models offer adjustable lighting to enhance visibility on the cooktop below.

Benefits of Integrated Features


These microwaves eliminate the need for a separate range hood, freeing up valuable kitchen space.


Buying a unit that combines a microwave, exhaust fan, and light can be more economical than buying each separately.


The integrated features mean you can cook, vent, and illuminate with a single appliance.

Popular Brands and Models


Known for durability and feature-rich models.


Offers smart microwaves with modern aesthetics.


Features microwaves with advanced technology like sensor cooking.

Installation Tips

Height and Clearance

Make sure you have enough space between the stovetop and the bottom of the microwave.

Electrical Requirements

Some models may require a dedicated electrical circuit. Check your home’s electrical setup before purchasing.

DIY vs. Professional Installation

Depending on your skill level, you may opt for professional installation to ensure all features work properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do all over-the-range microwaves come with exhaust fans and lights?

A: While most do, it’s essential to read the features carefully to confirm.

Q: Can I replace the light bulb myself?

A: Usually, yes. Most models allow easy access to the light bulb for replacement.

Q: How loud is the exhaust fan?

A: This varies by model, but higher-end models often feature quieter operation.


An over-the-range microwave with an exhaust fan and light brings efficiency, convenience, and streamlined aesthetics to any kitchen. Whether you’re renovating your kitchen or just looking for a multifunctional appliance, this type of microwave is an excellent investment.