Porcelain Tiles for a Beautiful Kitchen and Hallway

Tiling a house is the best way to revamp the interiors of a house. The kitchen and hallway especially can be easily adorned by using designer porcelain tiles. 

The variety of porcelain tiles will stun you. Many interior designers vouch for the beauty of porcelain tiles. 

These tiles are so versatile that they give the flexibility to be used as wall tiles too, not just floor tiles. 

Find out the best ways to use porcelain tiles to create a stunning kitchen space in this article. 

#1 The Color Variety 

Did you know that porcelain tiles are available in breathtaking veined patterns and designs that look beyond beautiful? Besides, you can always use them in the contrast of dark and light color variations to create a dramatic look if your kitchen is big. 

#2 The Intense Strength 

One of the leading reasons that porcelain tiles are used as floor tiles is that they’re very strong. They do not crack or chip at places that see a lot of foot traffic. The idea, however, should be to use colors that do not get dirty easily. 

Using a white porcelain tile, for instance, isn’t a very good idea in the hallway. You can instead use the beautiful veined black porcelain tiles to create an absolutely stunning look.

#3 You Get a Designer Kitchen at Affordable Rates 

Did you know that Club Ceramic porcelain tiles are available in the mimic versions of wood and natural stone too? So, whether it’s the rustic look that also stole your heart or the breezy effortless look of contemporary style, porcelain tiles can make all your dreams come true. 

Some of the best designer patterns in porcelain include the following:

  • Sisam beige. 
  • Sefora ash. 
  • Birch neutral 
  • Rosa grey
  • Marsella grey
  • Nero Satvario
  • Leza grey
  • vivid dream 

#4 Moisture Won’t be an Issue 

Porcelain is a hard tile. Most importantly, it doesn’t absorb water. Hence, moisture isn’t an issue with porcelain tiles in your kitchen. The hygiene isn’t compromised either. Porcelain is germ-resistant as well. 

Needless to say, it’s not an exaggeration of expression if we say that porcelain is the most hygienic option for flooring. 

If you live in Canada and you’re planning to install porcelain tiles in your house, do have a look at the 3-D variations and designer patterns available at sellers such as Club Ceramics. The best thing about the stunning range is that it’s all very affordable.