It is good to stay out of the way and let the professionals handle any repairs and maintenance when it comes to your roof. That way, you don’t have to worry about the complexities of the project, whether it is a leaking roof, missing shingles, roof replacement, or roof cleaning and maintenance. Since you want to take a professional’s word for it when they say they can complete a roofing task, you must do your diligence before hiring a roofing company.

To avoid roofing problems down the line, here are some of the questions you must ask your roofing company to ensure they are well suited for the job.

What is your experience in the roofing industry?

Ideally, you want to engage an experienced roofing company such as D’Angelo & Sons Roofing that has built a desirable reputation in the industry. Although it is unfair to assume that roofing companies that have been around for a few years are less competent, you can feel pretty sure and confident when dealing with an experienced roofer. A roofing company with more years in the roofing industry assures you of a quality job. More experience means they have built a trustworthy reputation and can address many roofing problems.

What is the license status of your company?

A trustworthy roofing contractor or company should have a valid operation license in your state, which means they are authorized to carry up roofing projects in your location. Roofing licensing is vital as it assures you that you are dealing with a qualified and skilled roofer.

Does your company have insurance?

A roofing job is risky because you never know when an accident can occur; therefore, insurance is essential. Engaging an insured roofing company means you will not be liable for any accidental damage or injury during the work. General liability insurance covers any accidental damage that the roofing work could do to your house. In contrast, workers’ compensation insurance covers any financial costs should a roofer get injured in the line of work.

Do you engage roofing contractors?

Some roofing companies hire roofing contractors to do the actual work. It is best to avoid such companies altogether because you never know how good the subcontractors are if they are not direct employees of the company you hired. You want a roofing company that delivers the work themselves to be accountable for every part of the project.

Will you remove the old roof?

This is an essential question if you need roof repairs for problems like damaged shingles, broken tiles, a leaking roof, etc. At times it is necessary to remove the old roof and lay a new one, while in some scenarios replacing the damaged shingles is just fine. But the roofing company should explain what they will deliver so that you know what to expect.

How long will the roofing work take?

A reliable roofing company can provide a general estimate of how long the roofing work will take based on what they will do. It should be a timeline that you can live with to ensure your family’s safety.