Space Saving Storage Ideas for Your Camping Gear

An investment in good quality camping gear is a reward that keeps giving when properly stored. The more careful you are about putting away your gear until your next trip, the less likely you will need to buy expensive replacements. Space-saving storage also means you do not have to worry about devoting much of your home to putting away your stuff when not in use. Here are some ways to better fit your gear into your limited storage space and ensure it remains clean and undamaged. 

Designate Space

Having a designated space for all your camping tables and gear, whether a top-shelf in your garage or a closet in the laundry room, will help keep your equipment organized and safe from damage. Form the habit of always keeping anything camping-related here so that you do not lose or misplace items. Larger items like camping tables should be stored somewhere where you can easily access it when needed such as tucked behind a shelf or other area where it will be out of the way. Most items should be in a place that is off the ground to avoid vermin or moisture. 

Use Bins

Storage bins are a great way to stash all your items safely. They come in many sizes, which means you can fit practically anything in them. They will also protect against dirt, dust, pests, and moisture. You can easily label and stack them to keep them better organized. Invest in sturdy shelving that will accommodate the different sizes of bins. You can install them on your wall from floor to ceiling for more storage space without using up extra floor space. 

Try Pegboards

Pegboards are a great storage solution that allows you to hang up items on the wall. Many camping gear items are lightweight and come with storage bags with straps you can use to hang off hooks attached to the pegboard. This can include sleeping bags, tents, and camping chairs. Hanging items is an excellent way to free up space on shelving and utilize otherwise free wall space. 

Hanging Racks and Rods

A hanging rack is a good place to store all your waterproof camping clothing. Most are portable, meaning that if you want to get around them, it just needs a pull or a push. If you are a DIYer, you can even install a rod on one side of the room from which you can hang different items. Though less portable, you can easily acquire a lot of new hanging storage space. Try to ensure the items are covered in plastic or other material that will prevent them from collecting dust. 


Nesting means trying to fit smaller items into larger ones. Try laying out all the things you plan to store from smallest to largest. You want to see what small items you can fit into the hollow spaces of larger items. Ensure that you label the outside of the larger item with what you have packed inside, or label the bin you will place it in. 

Anything you plan to store should be thoroughly cleaned and completely dried before putting it into storage. Whatever gear you have that has metal parts, be sure to apply a thin layer of some lubricant or oil to reduce the risk of rusting.