The Art of Choosing the Perfect Picture for Your Wall

When it comes to decoration for interiors, the paintings represent one of the most relevant items. The painting can accompany a decoration integrating itself into the context – which happens rather unnoticed – or it can stand out and be the first thing that is perceived inside a room.

That a painting calls a lot or little attention depends on several factors, including size, color, the room in question, and the reason (if it is figurative or abstract). In any case, the selection of paintings for your house can be complicated if you do not take into account certain aspects that, whether or not striking, integrate the work into the environment with harmony.

Integrated box

There are no prescriptions about the type of painting that should be hung in a house, it could be acrylic paintings or metal prints; everything is purely a matter of taste. However, it is not an element that should not be considered in an integral way before placing it in a room. Especially if your walls are untouched, you can take the opportunity to think carefully about the type of frame, the size and shape up to, obviously, the content of the same, the drawing or painting itself.

Identify with your pictures

Now, suppose they tell you: I chose this painting of this author that is fashionable and also integrates perfectly to your living. And you look at the sheet or canvas or photo and although you try hard and put all your will, you do not move a hair, does not provoke anything or, worse, it hits you, it disturbs you in a bad way or it does not even convince you, Then I kept looking.

The pictures that hang on your walls have to define you; they have to be a reflection of your personality. Let’s go! Choosing pictures is beautiful, so take your time, why hurry? It is better to be sure and feel and perceive a company, a friend, in the work.

Choose according to destination

An unavoidable criterion at the time of choosing pictures for your house is to consider the place of destination of the pictures. Not only the room itself, but the wall where the painting will be located. Based on this you can contemplate various options related to size, shape and, of course, the reason.

In turn, paintings often help us to conceal or enhance certain aspects of the room in question. This includes the possibility of putting one or more tables per wall. For example, if you have a high ceiling, you can take advantage of putting several boxes in a row.