To provide a new look to the old buildings and also a smart look for the modern new buildings a new method that is very popular nowadays is wall  cladding. It is used on the outermost facade of the buildings.  The wall cladding system has been progressively approved as the most ideal method today. Wall cladding system comes with a list of advantages and some disadvantages too. It has the benefit of low maintenance, sound, and heat-insulating features and is aesthetically quite appealing. Though the convicts are too existing such as high cost, and more time to fix, these cons are not too significant because Wall cladding proves its worth in the future.

The cons evade its cons and hence it is the most widespread method adopted in today’s fashions.

The advantages of Wall cladding

Maintenance budget– on part of the homeowners the wall cladding requires a very low maintenance budget. The wall cladding uses materials =which form a protecting layer to the front of the building. It is all climate resistant and fairly durable and long-lasting. It has a strong resistance against sunlight, rain, and storms. It also helps to stop the leakage of water into the exterior. Though many people find the installation of wall cladding costly to invest in, the one-time deal is worth its cost.

Safety from dirt and pollution– from pollution, and dirt to the outside environment the wall cladding system protects the overall building. When only outside buildings are painted, dirt and debris will get smeared on top and over time it gives an untidy look to the building. By wall cladding, this issue does not impose at all. It will give the buildings an excessive finishing look. The cladding materials include wood and stones which will give the buildings a visual appeal and great quality too.

Sound protection– To provide a sound insulation system to the building the wall cladding is a great choice. It will inhibit external sounds. Between the exterior and interior of the building, it acts as a barrier of sound.

Heat insulation– A wall cladding system provides very good heal insulation just like a great sound insulator. It has a layer of safety to prevent extreme heat to come into the interiors.

The cons of wall cladding

Price– The wall cladding system is costly. When compare with concrete cladding, the timber of metal cladding is still relatively cheaper. So if the owners decide to take up wall cladding, they should bear in mind that it is going to pinch a big hovel in their pocket but it will be value its cost in the long run.

Time- Wall cladding system installation is not stress-free work. Compared to other construction processes it requires a lot of skills and a relatively long time.

Repair– The wall cladding requires low maintenance. A sample that was on a regular beginning is enough to stand the look for a long period. But in the case of broken or dented stones, the fixing process is a very difficult and unwieldy job. Metal claddings are more prone to damage than other kinds of claddings.