Tips To Remember Before Teeth Whitening. 

Teeth whitening Fort Lauderdaleis a procedure in which a patient can use a bleaching agent available in the pharmacy or opt for a professional teeth whitening procedure. 

A professional teeth whitening procedure offers greater and long-lasting results when compared to bleaching agents available in the market. Moreover, a dentist can help you identify the cause of discoloration. For example, a patient may have slightly discolored teeth due to coffee, while another may have extremely discolored teeth due to smoking and drinking coffee. Therefore, knowing the cause of discoloration and avoiding that habit after teeth whitening is also essential. 

Before opting for a teeth whitening procedure, one must know the pre-teeth whitening steps. Following these tips and tricks can enhance the results. 


  • Safety first. 


A patient can opt for any teeth whitening procedure. But without the advice of an experienced dentist, a patient may not get the desired results and may even harm themselves. Over-the-counter bleaching agents or bleaching agents available online may not be a suitable option for one person, while they might do their job in the case of another patient. 


  • Teeth whitening may not be suitable for patients with dental implants. 


Patients with dental crowns or other implants may not observe the desired results after a teeth whitening procedure. 


  • Professional teeth whitening offers results quickly. 


A teeth whitening procedure done at a dental clinic provides results within two hours, while teeth whitening done using bleaching agents available over the counter may take a few weeks to months to give results. Moreover, results sustained after a professional teeth whitening are much better and long-lasting. The results may last up to 3 years after a professional teeth whitening procedure. 


  • Know the cause of your teeth’ discoloration. 


Teeth discoloration can be due to environmental factors like drinking coffee, red wine, tea, etc. Or due to genetic reasons. Moreover, cigarettes are known to discolor teeth up to a great extent. The more the number of cigarettes smoked, the higher is the extent of discoloration. 


  • Brushing and flossing are highly essential before and after teeth whitening. 


One must brush their teeth two times a day and floss once daily. After teeth whitening, the enamel (tooth covering) remains porous, and consuming wine, coffee, or other dark products can quickly discolor the teeth again. Therefore, avoiding such products up to two days after teeth whitening is highly recommended. Moreover, brushing should be done after every meal post-teeth whitening. 

After a teeth whitening procedure, one must know that a patient may suffer from temporary sensitivity to pressure, touch, and temperature. Moreover, they might also have irritation in the gums.