Transform your home with designer furniture

Interior decoration and designing, furniture plays a major role. Designer furniture has always proven to be the ultimate timeless piece that never loses its charm. Adding designer furniture to your home can bring in an artistic touch to an otherwise boring setting. To give you some inspirational ideas, we have brought together some classic pieces of designer furniture for your home.  Check them out.

  • Bench seat:

The bench seat comes in unique designs on both the sitting space as well as the leaning one. Designs like those of geometric shapes, intriguing designs, cushions and a combination of colors are inbuilt in it. This eliminates the requirement for throw back cushions, as it is fixed with it. It adds style to a room while creating an illusion of designed pillows and cushions. It creates an intriguing and vibrant 3D effect.

  • Label chairs:

Label chairs have never ceased to amaze onlookers. Label chairs come with striking designs that makes a humble surrounding come to life. This chair seats only one person at a time. It comes in simple unique designs.

  • Japan decor:

 Japan decor is a creative designer furniture that combines diverse traditions while giving it a contemporary look. It combines art designs from the 20s, 30s, and 40s. It comes in elegant Japanese designs and made up of Scandinavian plywood. Every part of the Japan decor designer furniture comprises of intricate shapes.

  • Floating wall desk:

The floating wall desk is soon becoming one of the top must-haves for those who are looking to save space.  It is best suited for those interiors that are tight on space while at the same time adding a cool and charming appearance. This unique desk doesn’t come with legs. The ingenious knowledge of geometry and physics enables it to hold things on its surface. It also comes with a slide out tray where you can store away things that are not required for use.

  • Adagio swings:

Swings have always been a traditional part of portico and verandas. The adagio swings come in brilliant designs. They are in the shape of baskets where you can sit and swing all you want.  It is suitable for use indoors as well as outdoors.  Indulge in childhood nostalgia by swinging on these well designed furniture.

  • Bookworm bookshelf:

With the HMO Furniture Packages, you don’t have to hurry to the library anymore. This ingenious bookshelf is quite spacious and holds quite a lot of books. With this designer furniture, you can now read all you want from within the comfort of your home. It stands out in a room and adds a bit of modern charm. You can also add light bulbs to brighten your bookshelf and make searching easier.

  • Swing tables:

Enable convenience and fun while sharing tables with swing tables. You can hold meetings, join together at mealtimes and work at the swing tables. It is the unique designer furniture piece that can seat 8 chairs on all sides. It gives your room an artistic, and aesthetic look.