Wanting to Mix Up the Countertop Materials? Here’s What You Can Do.

The gist of mixing two countertop materials may seem impractical at first, but it could be a really creative way to redo your kitchen. It is all about balance, color coordination and mixing materials effortlessly. Here are a list of strategies you can try.


  • Look out for the patterns


Pay attention to the patterns when shopping for more than one countertop design. You don’t want these elements to crash. If the options bear an important movement or pattern, then pairing them can cause a distraction. If you are drawn to busy designs, then go for a complementary countertop by Entrepot Cuisine that has a solid color or something with a minimal pattern. This will make sure that there is no clash between the materials.


  • Coordinate with the accent colors


Accent colors can be derived from your favorite furniture, linens, art piece, plumbing fixtures, cabinet hardware etc. If you are in love with a color, you can choose a countertop color that complements or matches the tone. The con here is that the countertop may look weird when changing the accent colors of your kitchen. We aren’t discouraging you, but this is a factor to consider before you make any radical decision.


  • Balance dark with light


The yin and yang is applicable on countertop design as well. If you choose a lighter shade, then seek darker shade for contrast purposes. You can also go monochrome or mix dark and light neutrals, primary colors, pastels etc. If choosing the dark and light neutrals, then there are multiple approaches to this. if you have mixed cabinet colors, use a light countertop and cabinets. You can also balance this by using dark countertop on light cabinetry.


  • Accents look great too


No matter if there are bold color tones or unusual patterns, many designs are just natural showstoppers. There is no better place to use them than in your kitchen. Wrap your island with dramatic patterns and sweeping veins. This creates a focal point, particularly if the rest of your kitchen color scheme is muted or neutral.


  • Mix materials


When you are confused about using two opposite materials, know that you can also choose both. You can pair both the surfaces like pairing engineered stones with natural stones. But know that you won’t be able to use a single cleaning agent for multiple surfaces.