Ways To Make Your New House Eco-Friendly 

There are a lot of unique ideas available when you are thinking of changing the interior look of your house, especially if you are thinking of making it more eco-friendly. Aside from the beauty point, an eco-friendly home contributes to the well-being of its occupants and visitors. After all, home designing is about aesthetics and improving people’s quality of life. 

If you wish to combine style with an eco-friendly theme, the best way to do that is by hiring a Philadelphia interior decorator, Susan Hopkins. A professional can suggest materials, furniture, and decorative items that will help your house become greener as well as more stylish. 

Ways to make your new house eco-friendly

  • Use plants as decoration. 

Anyone who has plants in their house can agree that they are the best decoration. You could buy small potted plants with little flowers to add a pop of color. Besides the decorative factor, plants filter out the air and produce more oxygen. If you want recommendations from us, we love bamboo palm and gerbera daisies. 

  • Allow sunlight to come in. 

Nobody likes stepping into a house with no windows for the sunlight to seep in. It just looks dull, boring, and dead. Allow the sunlight to come in and get the most out of daylight. Sunlight increases serotonin levels in the human brain, which makes them energetic and helps them be positive and relaxed. Moreover, with so much sunlight coming, you might save hundreds of dollars on your electricity bill. 

  • Avoid VOC content. 

VOC products are made of organic chemicals that evaporate at room temperature. They are found in various household items, such as cleaning products, air fresheners, adhesives, paints, and even furniture and carpets. It is important to avoid these as they contribute to various health concerns, such as headaches, nausea, throat irritation, liver damage, etc. There are always greener alternatives to every product available in the market. 

  • Choose sustainable materials. 

The biggest step in making your house greener is choosing as much sustainable material as possible when renovating it. Materials like bamboo and cork are an excellent choice and can be used in various parts of the house. If you dread the research it will take in searching for the best sustainable materials for the house; you can always hire an interior designer to do the work for you. 

  • Use energy-efficient lighting. 

Compact fluorescent lights help prevent the emission of greenhouse gasses and save energy which is harmful to your health as well as the environment. Other examples include LED and CFL lights. You can also incorporate timers and sensor controls in these lights. 

With these tips, you will be able to get your eco-friendly house in no time. People are now more conscious about the planet and are searching for environment-friendly alternatives all the time. Therefore, finding eco-friendly materials and decorations has become easier than ever.