What Attracts Mosquitoes Into Your House?

Mosquito bites are annoying, but not every mosquito does that. It is the female one who sucks blood. They do not just ruin a nice summer night but also spread deadly diseases like Zika and West Nile virus. Pest control Alamo Heights, TX can help you choose effective ways to control harmful pests.

Reasons and things that attract mosquitoes

  • Attraction towards particular blood types.

Research says that mosquitoes are especially attracted towards people with blood type O, but several other factors play a role in mosquitoes’ attractiveness towards a person.

  • They are commonly attracted to a sweaty person.

Mosquitoes can be attracted to you if you are sweating or have had a couple of adult beverages like beer. Your body releases lactic acid when sweating, and mosquitoes are attracted to the odor of byproducts of lactic acid that build up on your skin.

  • Darker clothes.

Surprisingly, mosquitoes are attracted to darker clothing colors because it helps them find their targets from a considerable distance. So, if you are wearing dark outfits, you will make it easier for mosquitoes to locate you.

  • Perfumes and colognes.

Certain scents tend to attract mosquitoes, which are primarily floral ones. Applying floral perfume will attract mosquitoes if you have planned to spend the rest of the day outdoors.

  • Higher temperature

Mosquitoes are attracted to higher body temperatures. Studies confirm that mosquitoes move towards nearby heat sources at the desired temperature.

  • Alcohol.

Drinking alcohol releases a specific chemical on your skin that mosquitoes like. Alcohol also increases your body temperature, making them more attractive to you.

  • Movement.

Mosquitoes can track their prey with their sight. If you are moving a lot, mosquitoes can capture your movement more than those sitting still.

  • Breathing.

One can avoid the things mentioned above, but not breathing, which is essential and releases carbon dioxide. An increase in carbon dioxide can alert mosquitoes that a potential host is nearby. Pregnant women release more carbon dioxide and run at higher temperatures than non-pregnant women.

  • Standing water.

Like other insects, mosquitoes are also attracted to any amount of standing water because they breed and lay eggs on it. You can experience a large amount of mosquito presence after rainstorms. Clear them out if you have a plant box, buckets, a stack of tires, dog bowls, or even sandboxes.